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BMC 26Mallos, Cilicia. AR Stater. 10gr, ca. 380 BC. Athena seated left before sprouting olive tree, holding spear and resting left hand on shield / MAΛ, Aphrodite standing left, resting elbow on column, placing right hand on the shoulder of Hermes standing front, on left, holding caduceus. BMC 26; SNG von Aulock 5719; SNG Cop 166; SNG France 2 403; Waddington 4365; Traite 1410, Dewing 2487.TextFull Size
BMC 27Mallos, Cilicia, AR 24, 385-333 BC. Athena seated left on stool by olive tree, holding spear, shield at her side / NIKH MAΛ, Nike crouching left, kneeling on one knee, holding stylis, club in right field. BMC 27; SNG France II 405; Trait II-2 1411.TextFull Size
3hemitart Mallos, Cilicia. Head of roaring lion right / Astragalos (Knucklebone).TextFull Size
Imhoof KM 1Mallos, Cilicia, AR stater, ca 425-385 BC. 10.72 gm. Kronos, winged, with crested head running right, holding solar disc / M[AR], swan standing left, fish downward to left, all within incuse square with dotted border. Imhoof KM 1; Prokesch collection, Berlin.TextFull Size
SNGvA 5720 Cilicia, Mallos. AR Obol. 425-385 BC. 9mm; 0.9g. Head of Herakles left wearing lion's skin / MA, Swan standing left, head reverted, corn ear below. SNG v. Aulock 5720.TextFull Size
SNGLev 1287 Cilicia, Mallos. Time of Trajan Decius? circa 249-251 AD. AE 31mm. Veiled & draped bust right / Seated City-goddess between two standards inscribed S C; at her feet, two river-gods swimming in opposite directions; all within wreath. TextFull Size
SNGLev 130 Cilicia, Mallos. Circa 425-385 BC. AR Obol. Upper part of male with curved wings, holding solar disk with both hands / Swan standing right. TextFull Size
SNGLev 147 Mallos (?). Tiribazos, Satrap. 386-380 BC. AR Stater. Ahura-Mazda, body terminated by solar disk, holding wreath & lotus blossom / Baal standing half-left, holding eagle & sceptre; MAP before, TRIBZW in Aramaic behind. TextFull Size
SNGLev 157Cilicia, Mallus ca.375-360 BC, AR Stater 10.46g. Head of Kronos right wearing ornamented tainia, fish behind / MAL, Demeter standing right, rectangular countermark with bull and crescent. SNG Levante 157, this coin.TextFull Size
SNGLev 172Mallos, Cilicia, AE10. 400-350 BC. Head of Pyramos right wearing corn-wreath / MAL, Gorgoneion facing. SNG France 406; SNG Levante 172; Lindgren 1540.TextFull Size
SNGLev 153v Cilicia, Mallos AR Stater. ca 385-333 BC. Bearded head of Herakles right, lion's skin tied around neck / MAL, head of satrap (Tiribazos or Autophradates?) right, wearing Persian headdress. SNG Levante Suppl. 25, SNG France 396, BMC 28, SNG von Aulock 5716v. TextFull Size
Weber 3850Mallus, Cilicia, 425-385 BC. AR Stater. 11.02 gr. Kronos right, winged, holding solar disk / MAR above swan standing left. No symbol apparent. Weber 3850; Imhoof KM 1.TextFull Size
SNGLev 166 Cilicia, Mallos. Circa 385-333 BC. AR Hemiobol. Head of Athena left, in crested Attic helmet / Swan standing right; monogram to right. TextFull Size
Sear #5571Mallus, Cilicia, AR Stater, under Balakros, ruler of Cilicia under Alexander the Great, 333-328 BC. Baal seated left, grapes and ear of corn to left, M (= Mallus) beneath throne, B to right / Draped bust of Athena facing, slightly left.TextFull Size
Sear 5572Mallus, Cilicia, AE12. 385-333 BC. Head of river god Pyramos right, ΠY behind / head of gorgonian facing, with serpents entwined around. TextFull Size

RPC 4017Caligula, AE25 of Mallos, Cilicia, 8.8 g. No legend, laureate head left in a border of dots / MA-LLW-TWN in 3 lines to left of Tyche, turreted, sitting right on rock, holding grain-ears, two river gods swimming right and left below. RPC 4017 (Caligula); SNG France II, 1924 (Tiberius).TextFull Size
RPC 4019Caligula (or Tiberius?) AE 20mm of Mallos, Cilicia. Laureate head left / MALLOTWN ME-EP, Nike advancing right, holding wreath; eight-pointed star above. SNG Levante 1267.Image
RPC 4023Nero, AE19 of Mallos, Cilicia, 4.25g. NERWN SEBASTOS, laureate head right, lituus before / MALLWTWN, Athena Megarsis standing facing, wearing serpent-fringed aegis and holding spear and serpent. RPC 4023; SNG Levante 1268.TextFull Size
RPC 1738Domitian, AE23 of Mallos, Cilicia. AVTOKRATWR DOMITIANOC (from top right), laureate head right / MALLWTWN around, IOY AGA in left field, Tyche seated right, holding grain ears; beneath, two river-gods swimming left and right. RPC 1738; Levante 1271; Lindgren 1543A.TextFull Size

SNG Levante 1275Antoninus Pius AE23 of Mallos, Cilicia. Laureate head right / MALLWTWN, serpent coiled around tripod.Image
SNG Lev, 1275Antoninus Pius, AE21 of Mallos, Cilicia. 138-161 AD. 4.485g. AYTO..ANT.., laureate bust right, slight drapery on right shoulder / MALLWTWN, serpent-entwined tripod. SNG Levante 1275; RPC Online 10298. TextFull Size

SNGLev 1273Hadrian AE31 of Mallos, Cilicia. AUT KAI TRAI ADRIANOS SEBASTON, laureate head right / MALLWTWN, Amphilochos standing left, boar at foot left. SNG Levante 1273. TextFull Size
SNG Lev Supp 308Commodus, AE19 of Mallos, Cilicia. 5.63 gr. AVT KAI KOMODOC, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / MALLWTIWN, Tyche seated left; two river-gods below, swimming in opposite directions. SNG Levante Suppl. 308.TextFull Size

SNG Levante 1282Caracalla & Geta AE 30mm of Mallos, Cilicia. AVTO KAI MAPKO N AVPH ANTWNEINO, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust of Caracalla right / AV CE GETA KAICAPA MALWTWN, bare-headed, draped & cuirassed bust of Geta right. TextImage
SNG Pfalz 911Caracalla, AE of Mallos, Cilicia. 211-217. AY K M AYR CEY ANTWNEINON, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / MALLWTWN, Amphilochos standing left, naked but for chlamys over shoulder, holding branch, boar at foot left. SNG Pfalz 911.TextFull Size
SNGLev. 1284cfMacrinus, AE32 of Mallus, Cilicia. 217-218 AD. AVTO KAIC MAPK OPEL CEVHP MAKPEINON CEB, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right, two countermarks: a) male head right and b) SC / MAL IER POL QEOU AMFILOCOU, Zeus seated half left, resting left hand on staff, holding Nike in right hand. Unpublished reverse for Macrinus. cf SNG Levante 1284 (this obv. with countermarks).TextFull Size

SNG Levante 1285cfDiadumenian AE 29mm of Mallos, Cilicia. Struck year 248 (217 AD). Radiate, draped, & cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / ET DPC (date) in ex. TextImage

Lindgren 869Severus Alexander AE30 of Mallus, Cilicia. 222-235 AD. IMP CE CEV ALEXANDER CE, laureate head right / Rev: IOVLIA MAMAIA SEB, draped bust of Julia Mamaea right. TextFull Size
SNGLev 1288Severus Alexander AE40 Medallion of Mallus, Cilicia. Laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / Alexander standing left, holding sceptre & offering statuette of Marsyas to Tyche of Mallus Colonia holding cornucopiae; to right, Amphilochus standing right, crowning him; S/C between, team of oxen left. TextFull Size
SNG Lev. 1289Severus Alexander, AE22 of Mallos, Cilicia. 222-235 AD. IMP M AV SEV ALEXANDROS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / MALLO COLONIA, FELIX (below), SC above, she-wolf right suckling the twins Romulus and Remus. SNG Levante 1289.TextFull Size

SNGRighetti 1592Gordian III, 20mm of Mallus, Cilicia. 238-244 AD. IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG, laureate head right / Rev: KOL(WNI M)ALLW(TWN), Marsyas, naked, standing left, right hand raised, holding wine-skin over shoulder. SNG Righetti 1592. (With radiate head right: Ziegler 913; SLG Duesseldorf 11249.) TextFull Size

Tranquillina AE 30mm of Mallos, Cilicia. Diademed & draped bust right, set on crescent / Emperor togate, grasping hands with city goddess. Text Image

SNGFr 1930Philip I AE33 of Mallos, Cilicia. 244-249 AD. 10.2g. IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG, radiate, draped bust right, counterstamp in right field / OTACILIAM SEVERAM FEL MAL COL C, S-C across fields; draped bust of Otacilia Severa right, wearing diadem and stephane. SNG France II 1930.TextFull Size

Levante Coll. 443Philip II, AE28 of Mallos, Cilicia. AD 244-249. 11.05 g. Dated CY 310 (AD 244). M IVL PILIPPVM CAESAREM, laureate head right, slight drapery on left shoulder, countermark A in circular incuse (Howgego 664) / MAL COL AMFILOCH, Tyche sitting left on rocks, holding grain-ears; river-god swimming left at foot and another river-god at lower right. Date ETIT and SC across fields. Levante Coll. sale, CNG 243, lot 443; Lindgren I A1545A (no countermark and suggested to be Severus Alexander); Duesseldorf 7867 (ditto).TextFull Size
Lindgren I, A1545APhilip II, AE28 of Mallos, Cilicia. AD 244-249. 12.2 g. Dated CY 310 (AD 244). M IVL PILIPPVM CAESAREM, laureate head right, slight drapery on left shoulder / MAL COL AMFILOCH, Tyche sitting left on rocks, holding grain-ears; river-god swimming left at foot and another river-god at lower right. Date ETIT and SC across fields. Lindgren I A1545A corr. (emperor); Duesseldorf 7867.TextFull Size

SNG Levante 1292Trajan Decius AE40 of Cilicia, Mallus. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / Macrinus standing left presenting small statue of Marsyas to Tyche standing right, cornucopiae over shoulder; on right stands Amphilochus crowning Macrinus and holding laurel branch, pair of yoked oxen standing right below; boar left in exergue. SNG France 1931. TextImage

SNG von Aulock 5728Herennius Etruscus, as Caesar, AE31 of Cilicia, Mallus. HEREN ETRVSC MES DECIVS CAES, radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right / MALLO COLONIA, Tyche seated left on rocks between two standards, the left inscribed with an S the right with a C; two river-gods swimming in opposite directions below. SNG Lev 1295. TextImage
SNG Levante 1295Herennius Etruscus AE33mm of Mallos, Cilicia. HEREN ETRVSC MES DECIVS CAES, radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right / MALLO COLONIA, Tyche seated left between legionary standards marked S & C, two river gods at feet. TextImage
BMC 32Herennia Etruscilla, AE29 of Mallos, Cilicia. 249-251 AD. EPENEIPOYC CKIALAC CEB, diademed and draped bust right, on crescent / KOLWNI MALLWTWN, Athena standing right, holding spear, boar behind, facing Apollo, standing left, holding branch. BMC 32; Ziegler 917; SNG Lev. Supp. 311.TextFull Size
SNG Lev 1297Hostilian, AE30 of Mallos, Cilicia. 16,36 gr. S VLLE HOCTIL MEC QVINTVM C, radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right, countermark: wreath (Howgego 481) / MALLO COLONIA, Tyche seated left on rock between 2 vexilla inscribed S and C, and holding grain ears in lowered left hand; two river gods swimming right and left below. SNG Levante 1297; SNG von Aulock 5727; SNG Pfalz 915.TextFull Size

SNG Levante 1298Valerian I AE31 (6 assaria) of Mallos, Cilicia. IMP C LIC VALERIANVS PI FE AVG, laureate cuirassed bust right / MALLO COLONIA, Amphilochos standing left, naked except for chlamys, holding laurel branch, boar at foot left, serpent-entwined tripod on podium to right with globe above, S C in ex. SNGFr 1933, BMC 13, SGI 4498. TextImage
SNG Lev 1298Valerian I AE30 of Mallos, Cilicia. 19.47g. AD 253-260. IMP C LIC VALERIANVS PI FE AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust right, countermark: large A in circular incuse (Howgego 664) / MALLO COLONIA, SC in exergue, Amphilocos standing left, wearing chlamys and holding laurel branch, boar at foot left, serpent-entwined tripod right. SNG Levante 1298; Lindgren I 1546; SNG France II 1933.TextFull Size
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