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Here you will find resources for searching both WildWinds and other online databases.

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Other searchable resources

ANS Site Search. Few images but extensive collection.

Search the SNG Volumes at the Fitzwilliam site

SNG Morcom, SNG Stancomb, SNG Lockett, SNG BMC Black Sea, SNG Ashmolean, SNG Fitzwilliam, SNG Lloyd, etc. but not yet complete.

The Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins. Wonderful database with lots of tremendous images.

On the Barry and Darling Dealers' Site:

List of mintmarks used on ancient Roman coins.

List of Inscriptions with translations.

2500+ Roman Obverse Legends

on Walter Holt's site (being updated as of April 2013)

5000 Obverse Legends

from John and Jacqui Jencek's Ancient Coins Dealers' site

Forvm Ancient Coins ID Page, including an Inscription Search tool

A very handy search engine if you have a fragmentary inscription.

Projekt ISEGRIM - Munzendatenbank

A German language attribution tool for coins of Asia Minor, a 60,000+ Greek and Roman Provincials coin data base at the University of Duesseldorf. Please see the appropriate thread on the Forvm Ancient Coins for instructions.

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