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BMC 26Mytilene, Lesbos, Billon, 12mm, 0.32 g. 550-440 BC. Two shields or two eyes / Quadripartite incuse square. BMC 26-36; SNG Cop 292; SNG Fitz. 4372; SNG von Aulock 7716; Weber 5590-5591; Traité II-1, 587-589; SNG Leipzig 1137-1141.TextFull Size
Rosen 524 Lesbos, Uncertain. Circa 500-450 BC. Billon 1/8th Stater (1.38 gm). Two boars' heads confronted / Incuse square. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 284Lesbos Billon Stater. Circa 550-500 BC. Gorgoneion / Incuse punch. SNG von Aulock 7711, Kraay, ACGC, 107. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 285.1
TextFull Size
SNG Cop 285Lesbos Billon Stater. Circa 550-500 BC. Heads of two confronted bulls, olive tree between / Small incuse punch. SNG von Aulock 1682, Rosen 540, Kraay ACGC 108. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 287Lesbos Billon Diobol. Circa 500-450 BC. Confronted boar's heads / Quadripartite incuse square. SNG Fitzwilliam 4368, Rosen 542. TextFull Size
SNG vA 1732Lesbos, struck in Aeolis for circulation in Lesbos. 330-280 BC. AE15, 4.57 gr. Head of Hera right, wearing stephane, earring and necklace / AIOΛE above thunderbolt, bunch of grapes below. SNG von Aulock 1732; SNG Cop 333; BMC 2-6.TextFull Size
SNGvA 1765Pordosilene, Lesbos, Hemiobol, ca 450 BC. 0.45 gr. Head of a Silene (Silenus) right / ΠOΡ above and below dolphin swimming right. SNG von Aulock 1765.TextFull Size
Sear SG 3484Lesbos, Island of, Billon Stater. Mid 6th century BC. Gorgonian facing, tongue extended / Incuse punch. SNG Cop 284, SNG VA 7711.TextFull Size
Sear SG 3488Island of Lesbos, Billon 1/12th (?) stater. 550-500 BC. Two boars' heads confronted / Shallow quadripartite incuse square. SNG Cop. 287; BMC 15. TextFull Size
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