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BMC 1Elaia, Aeolis. AR diobol, Ca 450-400 BC. 10mm, 1.23g. Archaic, helmeted head of Athena left / EL(AI), Laurel wreath within incuse square. SNG München 382; SNG von Aulock 7679-7680; Weber 5541; BMC 1.TextFull Size
BMC 36Elaea, Aeolis, AE, Pseudo-autonomous issue 2nd Century AD. 1.63 g. Helmeted bust of Athena right, wearing aegis / ELAITWN, basket containing corn-ears and poppies. RPC online 1801; BMC 36.TextFull Size
BMC 39Elaea, Aeolis, AE14. Pseudo-autonomous issue. 98-192 AD. Helmeted head of Athena right, wearing aegis / ELAITWN, Telesphorus standing facing, wearing hooded cloak. BMC 39; SNG Cop 188-189.TextFull Size
Gorny 134, 1942Elaia, Aeolis, AE, semi-autonomous issue. ca. AD 172-192. 2.88 g. Bare head of youthful Dionysos right, thyrsos behind shoulder / ELAITWN, Demeter standing left, holding grain-ears and cornucopiae. Apparently unpublished. Gorny & Mosch 134, 1942.TextFull Size
Imhoof 232-234Elaea, Aeolis, AE15. QEAN ROMHN, turreted draped bust of Roma right / EPI MENANDROU, kalathos with poppy head, corn-ears on either side. Imhoof, Monnaies Grecques 232 (obverse) and 234 (reverse).TextFull Size
Klein 331Elaia, Aeolis, AE11, 340-300 BC. 1.29 gr. Head of Athena left wearing Corinthian helmet / Barley corn, E in left field, all within olive-wreath. Klein 331 (this coin).TextFull Size
Mionnet 85Elaea, Aeolis, 340-300 BC. Prow of galley right, countermark above: diademed male head right / ELAI within laurel wreath. Sear Greek 4202; Mionnet III, 85; Weber 5548; SNG Copenhagen 889-90 (all without countermark).TextFull Size
Mionnet 179cfElaea, Aeolis. AE15. Pseudo-autonomous, ca. 160-200 AD. Draped bust of young Dionysos (?) right, thyrsos (?) behind / ELA-ITWN, four corn ears with three poppies between them. No ref. found, cf. Mionnet Supp. 6, 179.TextFull Size
Mionnet Supp. VI, 180Elaia, Aeolis, AE, semi-autonomous issue. ca. AD 172-192. 1.81 g. Bearded head of Herakles right, club behind shoulder / ELAITWN, tall basket or vase with two corn-ears and a poppy. Mionnet Supp. VI, 180; Paris 284.TextFull Size
RPC 2410Elaea, Aeolis, AE14, Pseudo-autonomous. EPI SWKRATOU, Head of Demeter right / E-LA/IT-WN, torch within wreath. RPC I 2410 / BMC 29.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 164Elia, Aeolis, AR Hemiobol. Late 5th century BC. Archaic head of Athena left, in crested helmet / E L A I around olive wreath, all within slightly incuse square. SNG Cop 164.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 169.1
TextFull Size
SNG Cop 169.2Aeolis, Elaia. Circa 350-300 BC. AE 10mm. Helmeted head of Athena left / Barley-corn in olive wreath. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 169Aeolis, Elaia. Circa 350-300 BC. AE 10mm. Helmeted head of Athena left / Seed in olive wreath. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 173Elaea, Aeolis, AE 15, ca. 300 BC. Helmeted head of Athena left / E-L to left and right of barley corn in olive wreath. DHMH below. SNG Cop 173; SNG von Aulock 1607.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 177cfElaia, Aeolis. AE23. 2nd-1st century BC. Head of Demeter right / ELAITWN, Athena standing right, holding owl and spear. cf. SNG Cop 177. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 179Elaea, Aeolis, AE19, 133-1 BC. 6.26 g. Head of Demeter right, wreathed in corn / ELAITWN, poppy within wreath of corn-ears. SNG Cop 179-180.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 186Elaia, Aeolis, AE14, semi-autonomous issue. ca. AD 172-192. 1.33 g. Helmeted bust of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet and aegis / ELAITWN, modius containing two grain ears and three poppies. SNG Cop 186; Mionnet Supp. VI, 174.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 191Elaia, Aeolis, Imperial times, 2nd C. AD. AE17, 3.01 gr. ELAITWN, youthful male head of Elaia or Apollo right / EPI PELLWNIOU, Modius or basket containing three grain ears and poppies. SNG Cop 191; BMC 38.TextFull Size
SNG Fitz 4321Elaea, Aeolis AE15. Head of Herakles right, lionskin knotted around neck / ELAITWNTelesphoros standing front in hooded cloak. SNG Fitzwilliam 4321; SNG Muenchen 414.TextFull Size
Traité 2089Elaia, Aeolis, AE10, civic issue. ca. 300 BC. 1.16 g. Helmeted head of Athena left / E-L, barley corn within olive wreath, unclear monogram below. Babelon Traité 2089; Mionnet Supp. VI, 176.TextFull Size
Sear #4196Elea, Aeolis, AR Diobol. Late 5th century BC. Head of Athena left, in crested helmet / E L A I, around olive wreath, all within incuse.ObverseReverse
Sear #4197Elia, Aeolis, AR Hemiobol. Late 5th century BC. Head of Athena left, in crested helmet / E L A I, around olive wreath, all within incuse square. SNG Cop 164.
Sear #4202Aeolis, Elaea AE18. 340-300 BC. Prow of galley right / ELAI within laurel wreath. Weber 5548.
Sear #4204Aeolis, Elaia AE10. 4th-3rd Century BC. Head of Athena left in crested Corinthian helmet / E-L, grain ear in olive wreath. BMC 4.ObverseReverse
RPC 2398Augustus, AE19 of Elaea, Aeolis. 27 BC-AD 14. Magistrate Mnesitheos. ELAITWN behind bare head of Augustus right / EPI MNHSIQEOU in two lines across fields, poppy between two (sometimes three) corn-ears. RPC I 2398; Paris 299; Waddington 1324; Cienna 34778; AMC I 1260.TextFull Size
RPC 2403Nero, AE17 of Elaea, Aeolis. AD 50-54. 3.18 gr. Magistrate Zenodotos. NERWN KAISAR, bare head left / EPI ZHNODOTOU ELAITWN, poppy. RPC 2403; SNG Stockholm 2200; Imhoof 2 in RSN 1905; Paris 301.TextFull Size
RPC 5462Nero AE 17mm of Aeolis, Elaea. Youthful head left / EPI/DENTI/KLOU/TO•G in wreath. RPC I 5462 (uncertain mint); cf. RPC Supp. I pg. 50 for mint. TextImage
Imhoof GM 246Trajan, AE20 of Elaea, Aeolis. AYT NER TRAIANOC KAICAR CEBA GE, laureate head right / DHMHTROC, poppy between two corn-ears. Mionnet Supp. VI, 197; Imhoof GM 246.TextFull Size
BMC 42Aeolis, Elaea. Hadrian AE16. AVTO TPAIA AD(P), laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / ELAI TWN. Basket containing ears of corn & poppy-heads. TextImage
SNG vA 7686Hadrian, AE16 of Elaea, Aeolis, 2.3g. AY[TO T]RAI ADRI, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / ELAI[T]WN, basket containing corn ears and poppy heads. SNG v Aulock 7686.TextFull Size
BMC 44Marcus Aurelius, AE34 of Elaea, Aeolis. AD 161-180. 21.74g. AY KAI M AYR ANTWNINOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from the back / EPI CTRA (upside down at centre left) PLOKAMOY around, ELAITWN (below), Hades in galloping quadriga left, carrying off the struggling Persephone, holding corn-ears, overturned basket below. BMC 44.TextFull Size
BMC 1975-4-11-210Lucilla, AE17 of Elaea, Aeolis. Before AD 183. 2.76 gr. LOUKILLA CEB, draped bust left / ELAITWN, two poppies between three corn ears. BMC 1975-4-11-210; Vossen 3018.TextFull Size
BMC 47Commodus, AE17 of Elaea, Aeolis. AVT K L AVR KOMODOC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / ELAITWN, Crispina as Demeter, bust right, holding corn-ears and poppy. BMC 47; SNG von Aulock 1614-1615.TextFull Size
BMC 49Commodus AE21 of Aeolis, Elaea. AV K L AVP KOMO, laureate draped bust right / ELAITWN, flaming altar between two torches, each with serpent climbing up. TextImage
Lindgren 330A varCommodus, AE26 of Elaea, Aeolis. AV K M..KOMMODOC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / ELAITWN, Demeter standing left, holding corn-ears and sceptre. Lindgren III 330A var (no altar).TextFull Size
Helios 5, 699Crispina, AE of Elaea, Aeolis. 10.57 g. BROUTIA KRICPINA, draped bust right / EPI STRA AYR DORYLAOY ELAIT, kantharos on altar between two burning, serpent-entwined torches. RPC online -; BMC 49 var (Commodus). Helios 5, 699.TextFull Size
Paris 328Julia Domna, AE19 of Elaea, Aeolis. 3.53 mm. IOY DOMNA CEBA, draped bust right / ELAITWN, Hygieia standing left, feeding serpent in arms. Paris 328.TextFull Size
SNG vA 1617Julia Domna, Elaea, Aeolis AE18. IOU DOMNA CEB, draped bust right / ELAITWN, Asklepios standing facing, holding serpent-entwined staff. SNG v.Aulock 1617; Lindgren 331; Mionnet 215.TextFull Size
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