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Mionnet 193 cfAntoninus Pius AE32 of Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia. AYT KAIC AI ANTΩNINOC, bare head right / KΡHTIEΩN ΦΛAOYIOΠ, Europa seated left on bull charging right over waves. cf Mionnet 193 (Caracalla).TextImage
RecGen 6Faustina II, AE20 of Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia. AD 147-175. 5.00 g. ΦAYCTEINA NEA CEBACTH, draped bust right / KΡHTIEΩN ΦΛAOYIOΠ, stag standing right. RecGen 6; SNG Copenhagen 402.TextFull Size
BMC 1Septimius Severus, AE27 of Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia. AV K Λ CEΠ CEYHΡOC, laureate head right / KΡHTIEΩN ΦΛAOYI around and beneath Demeter driving a biga of serpents right. BMC 1; Mionnet, Supp. 5, 180; RecGen 8.TextFull Size
RecGen 11Septimius Severus, AE30 of Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia. AD 193-211. 11.78 g. AYT K Λ CEΠ CEYHΡOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. / KΡHTIEΩN ΦΛAOYIOΠO-ΛITΩN, eagle standing front, wings partly spread, on garlanded altar between two legionary eagles. RecGen 11; Mionnet II, 183 (on both: "O-ΛITΩN" overlooked).TextFull Size
RecGen 20Julia Domna, AE27 of Cretia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia. IOYΛIA ΔOMNA CEB, draped bust right / KΡHTIEΩN ΦΛAOYIO-ΠOΛI, eagle standing right on garlanded altar between two standards decorated with shields and eagles or capricorns. RecGen 20. TextFull Size
CNG 65-48Caracalla AE29 of Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia. AY K M AYΡ ANTΩNINO, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / KΡHTIEΩN ΦΛAOYIOΠOΛITΩN, Tyche, turreted, standing facing, head left, holding bunch of grapes and stag; hound (?) left at foot. Unpublished, CNG 65, 48.TextImage
Mionnet 101 varCaracalla AE27 of Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia. AY K M AYΡ ANTΩNINO, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / KΡHTIEΩN ΦΛAOYIOΠOΛIC, eagle standing right, head turned left, on garlanded altar, flanked by two legionary eagles. Mionnet 101 var (listed for Geta).TextImage
RecGen 23Caracalla AE27 of Creteia-Flaviopolis in Bithynia. AY K M AYΡ ANTΩNINOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / KΡHTIEΩN ΦΛAOYIO, Hermes standing left holding purse and caduceus, goat (?) at foot left. TextImage
RecGen 25Caracalla, AE26 of Creteia, Bithynia. 198-217 AD. AYT K M AYΡH ANTΩNINOC, laureate head right / KΡHTIEΩN beneath Demeter, standing left, holding torch, in biga of winged serpents. RecGen 25; SNG von Aulock 7009; Franke KZR 307.TextFull Size
RecGen 10 varGeta AE27 of Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia, 8.9g. Π CEΠTI ΓETAC K, bare-headed, draped bust right / KΡHTIEΩN ΦΛAOYIOΠO, Septimius Severus standing facing, head left, holding sceptre and patera over lighted altar at feet to left, star in right field. Very rare, apparently unlisted. RecGen 10 for this reverse type, but for Septimius Severus.TextFull Size
RecGen 37Geta AE24 of Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia. Π CEΠTI ΓETAC K, bare-headed draped bust right / KΡHTIEΩN ΦΛAOYI, bundle of four grain ears around a poppy. TextImage
Rec Gen 31Geta, AE27 of Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia, AD 198-208. Π CEΠTI ΓETAC K, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust right / KΡHTIEΩN (ΦΛA) BIΛΛAEOC, river-god Billaeos reclining left on rocks, holding corn-ears and reed. RecGen 31; Imhoof FG 223; Rauch 11a in Berl. Bl. 1870.TextFull Size
Burstein 571Geta AE28 of Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia. Π CEB ΓETAC K, laureate head left / KΡHTEΩN ΦΛAOYIOΠOΛITΩN, Artemis standing right, holding jug in left hand and stag in outstretched left hand. Burstein Coll. Sale 571; Mionnet-; Rec Gen -; BMC-.TextImage
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