Byzantine Coinage, Chronological Index of Byzantine Rulers

Anastasius I 491-518
Justin I 518-527
Justin I and Justinian I 527
Justinian I 527-565
Justin II 565-578
Justin II and Tiberius II Constantine 578
Tiberius II Constantine 578-582
Maurice Tiberius 582-602
Theodosius 590-602
Phocas 602-610
Revolt of the Heraclii 608-610
Heraclius 610-641
Heraclonas 641
Constans II 641-668
Mezezius 668-669
Constantine IV 668-685
Justinian II, First Reign 685-695, Second reign 705-711
Leontius 695-698
Tiberius III 698-705
Philippicus 711-713
Anastasius II, Artemius 713-715
Theodosius III of Adramytium 715-717
Leo III the Isaurian 717-741
Artavasdus and Nicephorus 742-743
Constantine V Copronymus and Leo IV the Khazar 741-775
Leo IV and Constantine VI 775-780
Constantine VI and Irene 780-797
Irene 797-802
Nicephorus I and Stauracius 802-811
Michael I Rhangabe and Theophylactus 811-813
Leo V the Armenian 813-820
Michael II the Amorian 820-829
Theophilus 829-842
Michael III the Drunkard 842-867
Basil I the Macedonian 867-886
Leo VI the Wise 886-912
Alexander 912-913
Constantine VII, Porphyrogenitus 913-959
Romanus I (under Const. VII), 913-959
Romanus II 959-963
Nicephorus II, Phocas 963-969
John I Tzimisces 969-976
Basil II, Bulgaroktonos 976-1025
Constantine VIII 1025-1028
Romanus III, Argyrus 1028-1034
Michael IV 1034-1041
Michael V 1041-1042
Zoe and Theodora-1042
Constantine IX 1042-1055
Theodora 1055-1056
Michael VI 1056-1057
Isaac I Comnenus 1057-1059
Constantine X 1059-1067
Eudocia 1067
Romanus IV 1068 1071
Michael VII 1071-1078
Nicephorus III 1078-1081
Nicephorus Basilacius and Bryennius - Pretenders 1078-1081
Anonymous Folles coined by various emperors, 10th - 11th centuries
Alexius I Comnenus 1092-1118
John II Comnenus 1118-1143
Manuel I Comnenus 1143-1180
Andronicus I Comnenus 1183-1185
Isaac Comnenus of Cyprus 1184-1191
Isaac II Angelus 1185-1195
Alexius III Angelus-Comnenus 1195-1204
Isaac II (restored) and Alexius IV 1203-1204
Latin Rulers of Constantinople and Thessalonica
Theodore I Comnenus-Lascaris (Empire of Nicaea) 1208-1222
John III (Empire of Nicaea) 1222-1254
Andronicus I Gidon (Empire of Trebizond) 1222-1235
Theodore II Ducas-Lascaris (Empire of Nicaea) 1254-1258
Empire of Nicaea, Uncertain Ruler
Theodore Comnenus-Ducas (Empire of Thessalonica) 1224-1230
Manuel Comnenus-Ducas (Empire of Thessalonica) 1230-1237
John Comnenus-Ducas (Empire of Thessalonica) 1237-1244
Anonymous and uncertain issues of Thessalonica 1242-1246
Michael I, Angelus (Despotate of Epirus) 1204-1215
Theodore, Comnenus-Ducas (Despotate of Epirus) 1215-1230
Manuel, Comnenus-Ducas (Despotate of Epirus) 1230-1237
Michael II, Angelus (Despotate of Epirus) 1237-1271
Michael VIII Palaeologus 1261-1282 (with Andronicus II 1272-1282)
Andronicus II Palaeologus 1282-1328 (with Michael IX 1295-1320; with Andronicus III 1325-1334)
Andronicus III Palaeologus 1328-1341
John_V Palaeologus 1341-1391
John_VI Cantacuzenus 1347-1354
Andronicus IV Palaeologus 1376-1379
Manuel II Palaeologus 1391-1423
John VII Palaeologus 1390 and regent for Manuel II 1399-1423
Alexius IV Comnenus 1417-1446
John VIII Palaeologus 1423-1448
Constantine XI Palaeologus, 1448-1453
Anonymous Politikon Coinage, 1320-1350
Anonymous and Unattributed Palaeologan Coinage
Empire of Trebizond (all Trebizond emperors) 1222-1461
Arab, Vandelic or other Imitative Issues, from all time periods.
Of Interest: Byzantine Coinage, by Philip Grierson (pdf download)
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