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Ivan Varbanov is the well-known author of numerous essential coin catalogs of Moesia, Thrace and Macedonia, which were first published in Bulgarian, then in 2005, translated into English. Without Ivan's spontaneous assistance in providing thousands of images after the destruction of wildwinds in 2009, this website's pages of coins of those regions would be much smaller than they are. Ivan's latest work is the tremendously researched two-volume set of the Coinage of Philippopolis.
The two copper "coins" on this page were made by a friend of Ivan and I am adding them to this special "emperor's" page as a token of my thanks, friendship and respect.

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Varbanov 1972 type
Ivan Varbanov, AE27 (copper), based on an issue of Markianopolis, Moesia. AVT K M ANT VAΡBANOV AVΓ, laureate, draped bust of Ivan Varbanov right, facing draped bust of Serapis left, polos on head. / VΠ MHNOΦIΛOY MAΡKIANOΠOΛITΩN, legend ending in a small kantharos-like monogram, city view of Markianopolis, surrounded by wall with thirteen towers, temple and altar within the courtyard. Based on Moushmov 805; Varbanov 1972 of Gordian III.TextImage
Varbanov 4833 type
Ivan Varbanov, AE29 (copper), based on an issue of Pautalia, Thrace. AVT Λ CEΠTI VAΡBANOV ΠEΡ, laureate head of Ivan Varbanov right. / OYΛΠIAC ΠAYTAΛIAC (first AC ligate), View of the Pautalian mountain-temple complex, from top to bottom: central temple with deity standing left within and a tree and small shrine to left and right, another temple with deity standing within and an altar and tree to left and a cave entrance with a figure within and trees to right, another temple with a deity standing within and trees to left. River-god reclining left at the base of the mountain, holding cornucopiae. Based on Varbanov 4833 of Septimius Severus.TextImage

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