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Valeria Messalina, 3rd wife of Claudius

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RPC 1001
Claudius and Valeria Messalina AE26 of Crete. bare head of Claudius left / Bust of Messalina right. RPC 1001-1002; SGI 493cf; Svoronos Crete 25-26.TextImage
RPC 2034
Messalina AE 31 of Nicaea, Bithynia. MEΣΣAΛEINA ΣEBAΣTH NEA HΡA, draped bust left, hair in queue down neck / Γ KAΔIOΣ ΡOYΦOΣ ANΘYΠATOΣ NEIKAIEΩN, Front view of a building, with side walls showing. RPC I 2033-2034; Fontana 778; RecGen 33; Waddington 391; Paris 795.TextImage
RPC 2430
Valeria Messalina AE17 of Aeolis, Aegae. CEBACTH MECAΛEINA, draped bust right / AIΓAEION, Zeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre. RPC 2430; SNG Cop 23; Moustier 431-470; Paris 30; Vienna 32680; SNG Lewis 1413; Weber 5470. TextImage
SGI 512
Messalina & Britannicus AE16 of Crete. OYAΛ MEΣΣAΛINA ΣEBAΣTH, Bust of Messalina right, hair in plait behind / BΡETTANIKOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare head of Britannicus right. Svoronos 28; Mionnet Supp VI, 457. TextImage
Other Asia Minor coins of Messalina without examples here yet:
  • Ephesos, Ionia. MEΣΣAΛINAN../AIXMOKΛHΣ EΠ ABIOΛA ΡOMH EΦE, Roma standing holding cult image of Artemis Ephesia. RPC I 2632; Imhoof GM 286; Paris 620; Waddington 1620; Mabbott 1483.
  • Nicaea, Bithynia. MEΣΣAΛEINA ΣEBAΣTH NEA HΡA, / Γ KAΔIOΣ ΡOYΦOΣ ANΘYΠATOΣ NEIKAEΩN, similar to RPC 2034 but with the gable in three parts. RPC I 2038A-B; RecGen 31-32; BMC 14; Prowe I, 1194.
  • Nikomedia, Bithynia. MEΣΣAΛEINA ΣEBAΣTH NEA HΡA / EΠI Γ KAΔIOY ΡOYΦOY ANΘYΠATOY ΠATΡΩNOΣ, draped bust of Apollo left, holding lyre, 1 or 2 monograms in field. RPC 2074; RecGen 23; Cambridge 205; Niggeler I 592.
  • Caesarea, Cappadocia. MECCAΛΛINA CEBACTOY (often with various counterstamps on obv) / ANTωNIA CEBACTH, bust of Antonia II as Demeter right, wreathed with corn. RPC I 3657; Svoronos Crete 29; Hunter 5.
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