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RPC 2034Bithynia, Nicaea. Messalina 31. Draped bust left, hair in queue down neck / Front view of a building, with side walls showing. TextFull Size
RPC 2430Valeria Messalina AE17 of Aeolis, Aegae. CEBACTH MECALEINA, draped bust right / AIGAEION, Zeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre. SNG Copenhagen 23. TextFull Size
SGI 493cfClaudius and Valeria Messalina AE26 of Crete. Bust of Claudius left / Bust of Messalina right. TextFull Size
SGI 512Messalina & Britannicus AE16 of Crete. Bust of Messalina right, hair in plait behind / Bare head of Britannicus right. Svoronos 28. TextFull Size

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