Ancient Tesserae, Seals

* This page comprises only of tesserae and seals to ca. 4th century AD.
* Where no reference number could be found in e.g. Rostovtsev, Scholz, Paris, Dissard, Ruggiero, Ficoroni, Cohen etc, the seller's, owner's or collector's own number has been used.
* I have been accused (in an arrogant manner IMO), by a collector of tesserae, of using obscure and/or outdated and or invented references (=sellers numbers). Well, I simply can't afford all the literature and catalogs about tesserae and lead pseudo-coins, so I use what I have.
* For early imperial tesserae (e.g. with bust of emperor), please see the appropriate emperor page.
* The number of tesserae and seal varieties is unimaginably large because of the ease with which tesserae wwere melted down and re-used.

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AC Israel 33, 41PB tessera, found in Israel. Roman times. AN Δ above and beneath a locust right / (reverse not shown: Blank.)TextImage
Agora 34, 147Lead tessera, probably early 1st century AD. 28.4 mm, 26.94 g. ROMA on club (?) within a wreath / Worn smooth but with letter A visible from the original legend. Agora 34, lot 147.TextImage
Agora 34, 151Lead tessera, ca. 1st c. AD. 22.4 mm, 5.71 g. Wicker basket / N-P to left and right of wreath, both ties curves the same way. Agora 34, lot 151.TextImage
Agora 34, 152Lead tessera, ca. 1st c. AD. 17.5 mm, 3.51 g. A with dot in centre / N with dot in centre. Agora 34, lot 152.TextImage
Agora 34, 153Lead tessera, ca. 1st c. AD. 20.6 mm, 3.51 g. C dot F / C dot F. Agora 34, lot 153. Appears to be from a series similar to Paris 463-464.TextImage
AI 8783PB Tessera, Greece, 400-100 BC. 14.85mm. Owl standing right / Wheel with four spokes. Ancient Imports 8783.TextImage
Athens 1964.L10Square lead token. 28mm, 5.11 gr. B within square / Blank. Athens 1964, L10.TextImage
Athens 1964, L125Pb Tessera, 17 mm. Dolphin right / Blank. Athens 1964, L125.TextImage
Bagseals 1213PB seal, found in North Yorkshire. Pegasus walking right, small head above / Blank, domed.TextImage
Bagseals 2920PB tessera or seal, oval, 28 x 50mm. Northumberland. Mercury, naked, standing left, holding purse and cornucopiae / Blank.TextImage
Bagseals 2924PB Tessera or seal. Square, 17 x 12mm. ASP within incuse / Blank. Bagseals 2924.TextImage
Bagseals 2928PB square tessera or seal. 14 x 11mm. PP / S and palm branch. Bagseals image 2928.TextImage
Bateson 9AE Spintria. 1st. C. AD. Woman lying right on her stomach, head turned, man kneeling over her / XIIII within wreath. Bateson 9; Campana D9-14; Vienna 32.756; Buttrey Scene 5, pl.3 (for scene type); BMC R.4476.TextImage
BB 2158PB Tessera, 17mm. TA monogram / Blank.TextImage
BB 2280PB Tessera, 25mm. Victory driving galloping quadriga right / Three grain ears.TextImage
BB 2578PB Tessera, 18mm, 4.2 gr. Artemis Ephesia cult statue facing / Lion standing right.TextImage
BB 11025PB Tessera, Roman times. 24mm. V above and to right of horse standing right / V above horse standing right. Bargain Bin Ancients, item 11025.TextImage
BB 11033PB tessera, square. 12mm, 2.0 gr. Male head right / Winged griffin (?) standing right.TextImage
BB 11150PB tessera, 25mm. Triple palm branch on two leaves / Man standing facing, legs apart, both hands raised.TextImage
BCD Pel. 1121.1AE Unit or Tessera, Argos, Argolis, 4th-2nd c. BC. 13mm, 2.45 g. FI within circle / A within shallow incuse square. BCD Peloponnesos 1121.1 (this coin).TextImage
BCD Pel. 1121.3AE Tessera or half unit, Argos, Argolis, 4th-2nd c. BC. 10mm, 0.99 g. FI retrograde / A within shallow incuse square. BCD Peloponnesos 1121.3.TextImage
Belfort 1AE Tessera. Augustus. Head of Medusa facing within circle and wreath / XI within circle and wreath. Belfort p. 172 1; Hess 1912, lot 455 (this).TextImage
Belfort 2AE Tessera. early Roman times. Two riders on a camel walking right / XII within border and wreath. Belfort p. 174 2; Hess 1912, lot 466 (this).TextImage
Belfort 3AE tessera, 6.27 g. ca AD 22-37. Two men facing each other, holding hands, stamping grapes in a tub, upright vine to left and right (most works describe the obverse as two children playing in a bath) / A dot XVI within border. Belfort 3; Cohen VIII, 8.TextImage
Bendall Anon, DAE tessera, Commemorative Series. 330-354 AD. 15mm, 1.27 g. Star of eight rays / O CO C in three lines within wreath. Bendall, Anonymous, D; Bendall, in NumCirc CXVI.4 (August 2008), fig. 4.TextImage
Berlin 18203161AE Tessera, ca 20 BC-14 AD. 21 mm, 3.5 g. Capricorn right within linear border, all within wreath / I within dotted border, all within wreath. Berlin 18203161; Belfort - (II only); Buttrey B18 - (II only).TextImage
BMC R4473AE Spintria. 1st. C. AD. Woman lying right on her stomach, head turned, man kneeling over her / I within wreath. BMC R4473; Buttrey Scene 5, pl.3; Paris 17103; Campana D9-1.TextImage
Boersema 6592Roman PB tessera (or pendant?) c. 2nd century AD. 22x19.5mm; 4.84g. Bearded head of Hercules right, wearing lionskin / Hercules battling the Cretan bull, club on ground below. Boersema 6592.TextImage
Boersema 6789Ephesos, Ionia, 3rd century AD, PB tessera. 18mm; 5.75g. E-Y-CA to left and right of bearded head of Silenos right / (reverse not shown: Blank.). Gülbay/Kirec –; Boersema 6789.TextImage
Boersema 6792Roman lead tessera Asia Minor, c. 2nd/3rd century AD. 2.53g; 16mm. Gorgoneion or head of Medusa facing / ΛO-Y/AMA.., hound (?) leaping right. Boersema 6792.TextImage
Boersema 6884Roman PB tessera. Early Christian, ca. 3-4. century AD. 22.5mm; 3.03g. Jesus as the Good Shepherd, standing left, wearing short sleeveless tunic, carrying sheep across his shoulders. Two more sheep on either side / Daniel in the lion’s den: Daniel, hands uplifted in prayer, standing between two lions. Boersema 6884.TextImage
Boersema 6999
Lanz BSG724
Ephesos, Ionia (?). PB tessera c. 2nd-3rd century AD. Ram walking left, NEI above its back, palm branch above / Blank. Gülbay/Kirec -; Boersema 6999; Lanz (ebay) BSG724.TextImage
Boersema 7002PB Tessera, square. Gladiator (?) standing right, resting right hand on shield and left hand on a club or a post of the Circus / Uncertain animal (bull or stag?) standing right. Boersema 7002. Cf Ruggiero 1149 (Bull standing right); cf Scholz 668 (Stag standing right).TextImage
Boersema 7004Roman PB tessera 1st-2nd century AD. 28x23.5mm; 6.94g. Phallus / Vexillum. Boersema 7004.TextImage
Boersema 7005Roman lead tessera 1st-2nd centery AD. 3.43g; 16.5mm. Barley corn / Large dot AL dot. Boersema 7005.TextImage
Boersema 7006Roman lead tessera 1st-2nd century AD. 4.05g; 17mm. Palm tree / Lizard. Boersema 7006.TextImage
Boersema 7007Roman lead tessera. 1st-2nd century AD. 4.13g; 17.5mm. Phallus / Large AO. Boersema 7007.TextImage
Boersema 7008Roman lead tessera. 1st-2nd century AD. 2.97g; 16mm. I-C to left and right of palm branch / I-C to left and right of palm branch. Boersema 7008.TextImage
Boersema 7011Roman square PB tessera 1st-2nd century AD. 1.86g; 12.2mm. Lion running right / Blank. Boersema 7011.TextImage
Boersema 7111PB tessera. Asia Minor (?) 2nd-3rd century AD. 4.10g; 17mm. Bird standing right on cart, drawn by two mice, holding reins in beak. Countermark at top right / Blank. Boersema 7111.TextImage
Boersema 7700Ephesos, Ionia. PB Tessera. Markos, grammateus of the Boule. 8.92g; 18mm. MAP GR BOY, head of Janus; Janiform head, countermark of a rooster (?) below / Blank. Boersema 7700.TextImage
Boersema 7701Ephesos, Ionia, PB tessera. Lauphilos, boularches damosie. 5.18g; 20mm. ΛAOYΦIΛO BOYΛAΡ Δ, Dikaiosyne standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae / Blank. Boersema 7701.TextImage
Boersema 7739PB Tessera, 1st c. BC. Frontinus or Fronto and P. Fabius. 2.44g; 17mm. [F]RONT dot L.., Head of Apollo right / OP P dot FAB above and beneath rider on horseback right, holding palm branch. Boersema 7739; cf. Crawford RRC 408.TextImage
Boersema 8211Octavia, daughter of Claudius, PB tessera, 19mm, 2.0 gr. OCTAVIA dot AVG dot F, draped female bust right / No legend, patera. Boersema 8211.TextImage
Boersema 8221PB tessera, Roman times, Asia Minor. ca. 2nd century AD. Hound chasing hare right, bird flying right above / Blank.TextImage
Boersema 8222Roman lead tessera. Asia Minor, c. 2nd century AD. 2.48g; 14mm. ΓA (ligate) B above, OΔ beneath hound killing hare / Blank. Boersema 8222.TextImage
Boersema 8323Roman PB tessera 1st century AD, 17.5mm; 3.27g. SOA above lion walking right / Palm branch, X to left. Boersema 8323.TextImage
Boersema 8328PB tessera, 19mm. Rosette / VI, Dolphin right, with fish in its mouth. Boersema 8328; cf Ruggiero 1591-1593 (no letters or fish described).TextImage
Boersema 8383PB tessera, 17mm. Gladiator standing right in fighting post, helmeted, holding sword and shield. Counterstamp of six-petalled rosette in right field / Blank. Boersema 8383.TextImage
Boersema 9143Marcus Ul(pius?) Diadu.., Roman provincial lead tessera ca. 2nd century AD. 4.32g; 18mm. M dot OYΛ dot ΔIAΔOY, Eagle or parrot walking right, plant before. Boersema 9143.TextImage
Boersema 11882Lydia, Roman lead seal c. 2nd century AD. 17 x 13 mm. 5.99 gr. ΛYΔ-IAC to left and right of helmeted head of Athena right / Striated lines. Boersema 11882.TextImage
Boersema 11883PB Seal, 20 x 17, Mastaura, Lydia, 2nd century AD. 6.11 gr. MACT-AYPA in two lines / Blank. Boersema 11883.TextImage
Boersema 11941Nysa, Lydia. PB Seal, 19x14x6mm; 6.35 gr. NY-CA in two lines / Blank. Boersema 11941.TextImage
Boersema 50113PB Tessera, Ionia. Forepart of horse right, small hippocamp above, Λ ΛE below / Nymph, naked, kneeling right in grotto, being watched from above by a horned satyr. Boersema 050113.TextImage
Boersema 64601Roman PB seal, 4.00g; 16.5mm. Winged Eros sitting on rock right, playing lyre / Eagle standing left, head right, holding wreath in beak. Boersema 64601.TextImage
Butcher 12iAE Tessera. 2nd century AD. Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch(?), Syria. 16mm, 3.00g. Laureate head of Asklepios right / Serpent-entwined staff. Butcher 12i; SNG France 1856-8 (Pergamum).TextImage
Butcher 12iiAE Tessera, Antioch, Syria. Pseudo-autonomous issue. 2nd century AD. 15mm, 2.53 g. Head of Asklepios left / A, Serpent-entwined staff. Butcher 12ii; McAlee p. 85; SNG France 1859 (Pergamum).TextImage
Buttrey 23AE Tessera, Time of Tiberius, AD 14-37. 6.13 g. BAN HIL(?) down left field, THEODHO(?) down right, three female musicians: one standing left, holding tympanum, and two standing right, each playing tibiae / X dot I within wreath. Buttrey 23; Jacobelli 50; Göbl, Antike 91-2.TextImage
Buttrey 24, 6AE Tesserae, time of Tiberius, 4.10 gr. Victorious charioteer, holding palm branch, in biga galloping right / VI within circle. Buttrey NC 24/VI; Belfort -.TextImage
Buttrey 24, 9AE tessarea, time of Tiberius, 14-37 AD, 4.12 gr. Biga galloping right, driver holding palm branch / VIIII within border and wreath. Buttrey 24; Belfort p. 173 7.TextImage
Campana D7, 16AE Tessera-Spintira. 1st C. AD. Time of Tiberius. Woman lying right, on knees and elbows, man kneeling right with right arm outstretched, on an elaborate bed with canopy above / XVI within circle within wreath. Campana D7-16; Buttrey Scene 9. Paris 7911 and 7916; Bologna 73000.TextImage
Campana D30, 15AE Tessera-Sprintria, time of Tiberius. Woman lying left, legs half raised, man kneeling right / XV within border of dots. Campana D30-15; Copenhagen Reutze 2098; Buttrey Scene 1.TextImage
Campana D31, VAE Tessera-Sprintria, 5.70g 10), time of Tiberius. Erotic scene: Woman lying left, legs half raised, man kneeling right / V within border of dots surrounded by a wreath. Campana D31-V (this spintria cited); Buttrey Scene 1. Simonetta Scene 9, obverse die A.TextImage
CML 1449Lead tessera, 23 mm, 4.80 gr. Serapis standing right, modius on head, both arms raised, holding amphora? in left hand, facing Jupiter, standing left, holding thunderbolt and sceptre / RICCIAC, upright palm branch. Luxembourg Museum CML 1449.TextImage
CML 1451Lead tessera, 26 mm, 4.79 gr. Serapis standing right, modius on head, both arms raised, holding unclear object in left hand, facing Jupiter, standing left, holding thunderbolt and sceptre / RICCIAC, upright palm branch. Luxembourg Museum CML 1451.TextImage
CML 1452Lead tessera, 18 mm, 2.6 gr. FOR VES, Fortuna standing right, holding cornucopiae and sceptre, left foot on prow, facing turreted figure sitting left, holding patera and cornucopiae / RICC, wreath above. Luxembourg Museum CML 1452.TextImage
CNG 75039AE tessera, 22mm of Asia Minor. Ca 1st C. BC-AD. Head of Athena (?) facing, with long flowing hair / Garbled Greek legend downwards in three lines, warrior, naked, with long hair standing right, holding spear.TextImage
CNG 99111AE Tessera, ca 2nd-3rd centuries AD. 17mm. Marsyas standing right, raising hand and carrying wine sack over back / CB within wreath. CNG 99, 111.TextImage
CNG 1160249AE Tessera, 13x10 mm, 1.60 gr. NPV above galley left with three rowers / Blank. CNG 116, lot 249.TextImage
CNG 117282PB tessera, 14mm, 1.12 gr. 3rd-5th c. AD. Diademed, cuirassed, male bust left above galley left, holding sceptre, being crowned by Victories on each side / Horseman right ?.TextImage
CNG 120048AE Tessera, Time of Tiberius, ca 22-37 AD. 21mm, 4.16 g). Victory, holding palm, driving galloping quadriga right / AVG within beaded border surrounded by wreath. Unpublished.TextImage
CNG 2040121PB tessera, 23mm, 12.21 gr. Male head left / Large S C.TextImage
CNG 2280303AE Tessera, square, Anonymous. Ca 1st-3rd centuries AD. 13 mm, 1.48 g. NPV above galley left with two rowers / Blank. Cf. CNG 116-249 with three rowers (above).TextImage
CNG 2350494AE Tessera, 13mm, 0.72 g. Anonymous, 4th century AD. Star / Crescent moon and one star. CNG 235, 494.TextImage
CNG 2380295PB Tessera, Egypt. 3rd century AD. 25mm, 7.23 g. Bust of Pharoah right / Serapis seated left, holding sceptre. Koeln 3614 var. CNG 238, 295.TextImage
CNG 2690187PB Tessera. 3rd century BC-1st century AD. 19x15mm, 4.85 g. Nude athlete or wrestler leaning right, dipping hands into an oil jar / Blank. CNG 269, Lot 187.TextImage
CNG 2740288PB Tessera. 2nd-3rd centuries AD. Memphis, Egypt. 24mm, 5.17 g. MEMΦIC[...]OI above Tyche reclining left on couch, holding rudder in outstretched right hand and resting head on left set on pillow / Nike standing right, holding palm frond and presenting wreath to Serapis standing left, holding sceptre in left hand and raising right. CNG 274, Lot 288.TextImage
CNG 2870389PB Tessera. 2nd-3rd centuries AD. Alexandria, Egypt. 15mm, 2.89 g. Draped male bust left, holding spear over shoulder / Bust of Nilus left; palm branch before, cornucopia over shoulder. CNG 287, Lot 389 otherwise unpublished.TextImage
CNG 632045AE Tessera, Constantine I. 307-337 AD. 22mm, 5.45 gm. Thessalonica. CONSTAN-TINVS AVG retrograde, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right, holding spear over shoulder (incuse of a Thessalonica RIC VII follis) / Two winged Cupids with amphora or crucible between them.TextImage
Cohen Drusilla 1AE Tessera, sometimes described as Drusilla. 23 mm. Bust of Apollo right, crowned with corn, within border / III within border. Belfort Drusilla 1; Cohen Tess Drusilla 1.TextImage
Cohen Drusilla 2AE Tessera, sometimes described as Drusilla, time of Tiberius. 23 mm. Bust of Apollo right, crowned with corn, within border / XIIII within border. Belfort Drusilla 2; Cohen Tess Drusilla 2.TextImage
Cohen Myth. 3AE Tessera. Time of Augustus. Silenus, holding thyrsos, riding a donkey right / A dot I within dotted circle. Cohen Tess. Myth 3; Hess 1912, lot 456 (this).TextImage
Cohen VIII, 14AE Tessera. early Roman times. Laureate head of Jupiter right / S-C, eagle standing right on thunderbolt, head left. Cohen VIII p. 268, 14; Hirsch Imhoof sale lot 1796; Mionnet Roman II, p. 560, 1; Belfort p. 176, 3; Hess 1912, lot 487 (this).TextImage
Cohen 46AE Tessera, Anonymous. 1st century AD. 15mm, 2.54 g. Vexillum / Minerva standing left, holding spear and owl. Cohen 46.TextImage
Cohen 54 varAE Tessera, 15mm, Mid 4th century AD. Star of eight rays; H above or below / C AV O in three lines all within wreath. Cf. Goebl, Antike, pl. 9, 105; Cohen 54 var.TextImage
Cohen 55AE Tessera. Time of Domitian to Antoninus Pius, AD 81-161. 19mm, 2.97 g. Modius containing three grain ears / Kantharos. Cohen VIII, 55; Göbl, Antike, pl. 9, 100.Text

Cohen 56AE Tessera, ca 1st-2nd C. AD. 15mm, 2.38 g. Galley right / Large D. Cohen 56.TextImage
Cohen 62/R61AE Tessera, 3.02 gr. Time of Tiberius. VL ligate / M. Cohen VIII, O62/R61.TextImage
Dalzell FAC 18271PB Tessera (12mm, 1.65 g), Spain. Palm frond / DB. Dalzell Image 18271 on FAC.TextImage
Dancoisne 50AE Tessera. Carpentum right, drawn by two mules / Palm branch slanting slightly right. Dancoisne 50; Hess 1912, lot 503 (this).TextImage
Dancoisne 68AE Tessera, ca 1st-2nd C. AD. 17mm, 1.79 gm. TR monogram / Large G. Dancoisne 68; Belfort p. 242, 5; Cohen VIII, 60.TextImage
Dancoisne 70AE Tessera, 1st-2nd Century AD, 2.30g. VL Monogram / N. Dancoisne 70; Belfort p. 242, 7: Cohen 62.TextImage
Dissard 870cfPB Tessera, 17mm. Ancient counterfeit?. GPR around Genius standing left, holding patera and cornucopiae / Blank. cf Dissard 870 (same but with CPF).TextImage
Dissard 1528Lead tessera, 16x20mm, 9.76 gr. Helmeted head of Roma or Athena right / Blank. Dissard 1528.TextImage
Dissard 1614 varPB Tessera. Possibly Lyons. Lion sitting left / Dolphin right. Dissard 1614 var (lion left).TextImage
Divus 425PB square tessera, 1-2. cent. AD, 15x15 mm, 4.15 gr. Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae / DV, dot at each corner. Divus 425.TextImage
Divus 429PB Tessera, Roman times, ca. 4th-5th. c. AD. 2.03g, 13-14mm. C with bar above / Cross. Divus 429.TextImage
DOA 360PB tessera, 18mm, found in England. 3.96 gr. 2nd-3rd century AD. COE / GIF.TextImage
Ebay 20080620PB Tessera, Roman times, 19mm, 8.05 gr. Asia Minor. AL beneath Pegasos flying right / Blank.TextImage
Ebay 20120312PB tessera, 19mm. Nike standing left, holding wreath and palm branch / Mercury riding ram right, holding caduceus.TextImage
Ebay 20121107PB tessera. Found in Italy. 17 mm, 3.70 gr. MM with dot over first M / X over retrograde MS, dot below. ebay sale.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 367AE Tessera or token, Asia Minor, 1-3rd c. AD. 18mm. ΦΡE TAΡ in two lines / TE ΡωN in two lines. Emporium Hamburg, 67, 367.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 369PB tessera, 20mm. Pannonia?. Lion running left / Turtle. Emporium Hamburg 67, 369.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 370PB tessera, 1-3rd C. AD. 16mm. BOYA..R CTRA, Serapis standing facing, holding sceptre, right hand raised / (Rev not shown: blank). Emporium Hamburg 67, 370.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 371PB seal, 1st c. AD. 19x7 mm. Games group. Charioteer in quadriga right, crowned by Victory / (Rev not shown: blank). Emporium Hamburg 67, 371.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 375AE Square Tessera, 1-2. c. AD. 11x11mm. Woman standing, naked to waist, holding transverse sceptre / AN T above and beneath horse standing right, front right foreleg raised. Emporium Hamburg 67, 375.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 376PB Tessera or counting token. 25 x 13mm. 10 dots in two lines / Cross-hatched pattern. Emporium Hamburg 67, 376.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 444PB seal, Egypt. 14x9mm. Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus. 161-180 AD. Head of Marcus Aurelius and Faustina II busts facing each other on the left, and Lucius Verus and Lucilla, busts facing each other on the right; unclear legend below / (Rev not shown: blank). Emporium Hamburg 67, 444.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 697PB seal, Egypt, struck under Probus. 276-282 AD. 20x7mm. Bare head of an emperor (speculated as Carus), as Prefect / (Rev not shown: blank). Emporium Hamburg 67, 697.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 743PB Tessera, 3-5. c. AD. A dot MVS around dot / Caduceus between crossed cornucopiae. Emporium Hamburg 67, 743.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 746PB seal, Constantine I. 18x12mm. Egypt. Laureate head of Constantine I right / (Rev not shown: blank). Milne -; Emmett -. Emporium Hamburg 67, 746.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 749PB seal, Constantine and Sons. 307-337 AD. 15 x 7mm. Bare-headed, draped bust of Constantine I facing, with the bare-headed, draped, facing busts of Constans and Constantius II to left and right / (Rev not shown: blank). Emporium Hamburg 67, 749.TextImage
Emp. Hamburg 750PB seal, Sons of Constantine. 307-337 AD. 14 x 8mm. (CAE)SS NN above laureate, draped, confronted busts of Constans and Constantius II, small head of Constantine II right between them / (Rev not shown: blank). Emporium Hamburg 67, 750.TextImage
Engel BCH 150Lead tessera, Byzantine times. Lion standing left, crescent above / XIM AHΛ in two lines (for "Michael"). Engel BCH 150.TextImage
FAC 16947AE square Tessera, 1st Century AD. 1.037g, 13x12 mm. Woman kneeling left before low table / Blank.TextImage
FAC 17533PB Tessera, time of Augustus. Cyprus mint, 3.45g, 17.3mm. Hippocamp right, cornucopiae over shoulder, small head behind, P_E_ below. Blank. FAC 17533.TextImage
FAC 18839AE square tessera, 1st c. AD. P-A to left and right of Mercury standing left, holding purse and cornucopiae / Blank. FAC art. 18839.TextImage
FAC 191100PB Tessera or seal, 32mm, 19.59 gr. Possibly a personal token. Found in Magnesia, Ionia. Horseman left, palm branch and wreath below / Cross hatching.TextImage
FAC 51112PB tessera, 16mm. Turreted figure standing facing / Crescent moon and three stars. FAC members' auctions 51112.TextImage
Ficorini III, 1PB tessera, Roman times. Found in England. ROM dot VLA in two lines / AA GS in two lines to left and right of oval shield. Ficorini III-1.TextImage
Ficorini IV-1Lead tessera. 18mm, 2.40 gr. Claudia. CLAVDIA AVG, draped bust of Claudia right / DTML anticlockwise around dot. Ficorini IV-1.TextImage
Ficorini XVI-8Lead tessera. Laureate male head right / Victory walking left, holding wreath. Ficorini XVI-8.TextImage
Ficcorini XVII-10Lead Tessera. 20.4 mm, 4.08 g. ca AD 60. Amphora, palm branch to right / M dot AR VES in two lines. Ficcorini XVII-10.TextImage
Ficorini XXII, 11PB Tessera, 1st-2nd cent. AD, 2.74g, 17-18mm. The Three Graces standing facing / DVR SVC in two lines. Ficorini XXII-11.TextImage
Ficoroni XXVII, 5PB Tessera (14mm, 2.06 g), Spain. Mercury standing facing, holding purse and caduceus / Blank. cf. Ficoroni XXVII-5.TextImage
Flora xv12050007Lead seal. Roman times. circular 35-39 mm, 15.5 g. The Three Graces with their backs to the viewer, the centre one has her arms around the shoulders of the other two / Blank. Flora xv12050007.TextImage
Geissen 3509PB Tessera, Oxyrhynchos, Egypt. 21-24mm. Helmeted bust of Athena right / Nike with wreath and palm branch left. Geissen 3509-3514.TextImage
Geissen 3540PB Tessera, Oxyrhynchos, Egypt. 21-22mm. Athena, holding double-axe and shield, fighting a serpent / Nike left, holding wreath and palm branch. Geissen 3540-3542.TextImage
GN 01a00AE Tessera, 16 mm, 2.22 gr. Possibly 2-3 rd C. AD. MYCTIKON, uncertain deity, radiate, in priestly garments, standing front, holding cross-shaped object and long staff / CYMBOLON, clasped hands holding a caduceus; uncertain object below. Gitbud & Naumann 01a00.TextImage
Goebl 79AE tessera, time of Tiberius or slightly later. 4.89 g. Camel rider right, crowned by Victory / VI within circle. Goebl pl. 8, 79. Buttrey 25.TextImage
Goebl 95 obvAE Tessera; 11.13 g. Eros standing right within circle / Blank. Goebl, cf Pl. 9, 95 (obverse); Rostovtsev etc -.TextImage
Goebl 101AE Tessera. Time of Domitian. 81-96 AD. 3.92 gm. Two horseshoes within serpent-headed torque / TRI-VMP, IO-IO across field, olive-branch. Goebl, Antike Numismatik, pl. 9, 101; cf. Cohen pp. 267-8.TextImage
Goebl 104AE Tessera, ca 1st-2nd C. AD. 17mm, 3.14 g. APPF within oak wreath / Sceptre surmounted by small male head right. Goebl Antike Numismatik, 104; Cohen 53; Dancoisne 54; Mionnet Roman II, p. 562, 5.TextImage
Goebl 234AE donative or weight tessera, 19mm, 3.75 g. Ca. 10th century. + DV O in three lines / TE TAP TWN ("Tetrarteron") in three lines. Bendall, Weights 17 note; Hendy, Studies, p. 508; Göbl, Antike 234 (tetarteron).TextImage
Goebl 3119 varAE Tessera, 21mm. Early 1st century AD, 5.94 g. Eros standing right, holding club over shoulder and satchel (?) in right hand / VIII within wreath. Goebl Antike Numismatik pl. 9, 3119 var (Goebl lists VII).TextImage
Gulbay & Kirec 11PB tessera, 16mm, Ephesos. VM NΩ, Victory walking right, holding wreath and palm branch / Blank. Gulbay & Kirec 11.TextImage
Guelbay-Kirec 197-200Ephesos, Ionia, Lead tessera ca. 2nd century AD. 6.70g; 15mm. Head of Lysimachos right / Blank. Guelbay & Kirec 197-200; Boersema 9008.TextImage
Gulbay & Kirec 234PB tessera, 18mm, Ephesos. EYΓΛIKIO, Dionysos standing left, holding staff and bunch of grapes / MENI ΠΠOYA ΓOΡAN OMOY, in four lines within wreath. Gulbay & Kirec 234a.TextImage
Hendin 476PB tessera, Judaean, Alexander Jannaeus, 95-76 BC. 2.06g, 19.0mm. BAΣIΛEΩΣ AΛEXANΔΡOY, anchor upside-down, as if on the side of a boat, within circle / Aramaic inscription, "King Alexander", within border of dots. Hendin 476.TextImage
Hendin 477PB Tessera, Judean Kingdom, Alexander Jannaeus (Yehonatan), 103-76 BC. 1.37g, 13.5mm. Central elevated dot surrounded by six loop rays, all within circle / Blank. Hendin 477.TextImage
Hess 1912, 467AE Tessera. early Roman times. MORA, two men seated facing each other at a table, playing the finger game Mora, the man on the left throwing out fingers, whilst the man on the right guesses / VI within wreath. Hess 1912, lot 467 (this).TextImage
HH 1212AE13 Tessera, 0.59 gr. Severan times ? Female figure standing left, holding uncertain object (Victory?) and sceptre / Crescent moon and three stars.TextImage
Hirsch 253, 2818Pb Tessera, 41 mm, oval. Fish right in oval incuse / Blank. Gerhard Hirsch Nf 253, lot 2818.TextImage
Hirsch 279-280, 4876Lead tessera, Roman imperial times. Male figure kneeling right on a rocky path, holding spear, horse trotting right at his side / blank reverse. Gerhard Hirsch 279-280, 5876.TextImage
Hirsch 303, 3269Pb Tessera, 25mm. 5th-3rd cent. BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / Two concentric circles.TextImage
Hood 1854PB Tessera. Mercury standing facing, head right, holding caduceus in right arm and purse in left hand / Victory right, holding wreath and palm. Art. 1854
Jacquier 39, 322AE Tessera, 3.95 g. ca AD 22-37. Quadriga galloping right, driver holding palm branch / X within border, all within wreath. Buttrey -; Cohen -; Belfort 10 var (III). Jacquier 39, lot 322.TextImage
Jencek Y04289PB tessera 9mm, 1.38g. Poss. Asia Minor. Janiform head with bearded male to left, helmeted female to right / Frog seen from above. Not in the usual works. Jencek Y04289.TextImage
Kestner 150Bone Tessera, Alexandria, 1st-2nd c. AD. 31mm, 5.20 g. Bare-headed male bust right / XIII DIONYTAC IG in three lines. Cf. Kestner-Museum, Tesseren 150.TextImage
Koeln 3560PB Tessera, early 3rd c. AD. 22mm, 12.22 g. Egypt. Athena standing left, holding Nike and grounded shield / AΓO. Koeln 3560.TextImage
Kuenker 111, 7140AE tessera, 4.69 g. Wheel with six spokes / VE-IS to left and right of rudder.TextImage
Kuenker 124, 9457Pb Tessera, 1.34 g. 2nd c. AD. Head of Eros right, bow over shoulder / Aphrodite, naked, standing facing, dressing hair with both hands. Kuenker 124, 9457.TextImage
Kuenker 124, 9458PB Tessera 2.40 g. Prow / Eight-rayed star around central dot.TextImage
Kuenker 124, 9459AE Tessera, square; 1.08 g. AN T above and beneath horse standing right, front right foreleg raised / Blank.TextImage
Kuenker 124, 9460AE Tessera; 0.86 g. AG AL in two lines / Blank.TextImage
Kuenker 124, 9462AE oblong Tessera; 0.86 g. Roma ? seated left, holding sceptre, right hand outstretched / Blank.TextImage
Kuenker 124, 9467PB square Tessera, 5.87 gr. Female head right within circular incuse with hairstyle of 4th c. empresses / Blank.TextImage
Kurth A452Lead Tessera, PB 15 mm. 95-44 BC, possibly Alaisa, Sicily. Helmeted head of Minerva right / [AΛA-IΣ]AΣ, Owl standing right, head front. Kurth A452. Image and legend position is most similar to the Alaisa coin, Hoover 208.TextImage
LAC 333Lead Tessera, S. Italy, 14mm, 3.32g. Donkey’s head right / Hare's head right. LAC 333.TextImage
Lanz BS1429PB Tessera, 3,67 g. 15-18 mm. Horse leaping right, palm branch above / Blank. Lanz bs1429.TextImage
Lanz bsg376Greece, PB lead tessera, 4.88 gr. 15-17mm. Unclear legend, circular temple with domed roof, statue within, figure to right / Blank. Lanz BSG376.TextImage
Lanz bsg378Greece, PB Lead tessera, 1.74 gr, 16 mm. Male figure standing left, naked upper body, holding wreath and sceptre / Blank. Lanz BSG378.TextImage
Lanz bsg527Lead Tesserae, Greece, 4.74 g. - 17-18 mm. Eros standing left, resting on torch set on altar / ΠA monogram. Lanz bsg527.TextImage
Lanz BCD 529PB Tessera, 17mm, Corinth. Pegasus flying left / Blank. Lanz BCD Coll. 529.TextImage
Lanz bsg537Greece, PB Lead tessera, 4,50 g. 14-15 mm. Three grain ears / Blank. Lanz BSG 537.TextImage
Lanz bsg725Greece, PB Lead tessera, 1.74 gr, 16 mm. VF B..MVOΔ around, hippocamp right / T...T, unclear legend around. Lanz BSG 725.TextImage
Lederer Bern, 12Lead tessera. 15mm, 2.31 gr. Greece. Wading bird standing right, fish in beak / Blank. Lederer Bern 12.TextImage
Lindgren 1646AE tessera, Central Italy, ca. 2nd Century BC. 3.98g, 18.9mm. The two infants Herakles and Iphicles, attacked by the serpents sent by Hera / IC O S anticlockwise from centre left, Hercules standing right, striking Hydra with club. Lindgren III 1646 (this coin).TextImage
LTT0508, 5PB tessera, Roman times. Found in England. AM / I-I to left and right of wreath. LTT0508,5.TextImage
Mabbot Coll. Sale 5304Bone tessera, 31mm. Alexandria. Time of Domitian to Antoninus Pius, AD 81-161. Bare-headed female bust left / XII AMAPAKI N IB in four lines. Mabbot Collection Sale 5304.TextImage
Markov 543PB Tessera, Thrace, Chersonnesos. Ca. late 3rd century BC. 15mm. Bull's head or bucranium facing / Head of Mercury right, wearing petatos.TextImage
Med. 651PB Tessera. 20 mm. 4.58 gm. Biga of elephants right / Mercury standing left, holding purse and caduceus. Med. 651.TextImage
Milne 5292PB Tessera, 3-4th c. AD. Oxyrhynchos, Egypt. 15mm. Helmeted, draped bust of Athena right, within broad border / OX to left of Nike walking left, holding wreath and palm, within broad border. Milne 5292; Geissen 3513; Köln 3528.TextImage
Milne 5312PB Tessera, Oxyrhynchus. Egypt. 3rd century AD. 25mm, 14.16 g. Athena standing left, holding Nike and spear, with distyle shrine / Victory walking left, holding wreath, OX to left. Milne 5312; Köln 3532.TextImage
Milne 5335PB Tessera, 18mm, 3-4th. C. AD. Egypt. Emperor, radiate and in military dress, standing left, holding Victory and inverted spear / Victory walking left, holding wreath and palm. Milne 5335, Datt.6540.TextImage
Mionnet II, 6AE13 Quadrans or Tessera, 81-161 AD. Anonymous issue. Time of Domitian to Antoninus Pius. Draped female bust right (Venus, Juno or Faustina I). S-C, dove standing right. Mionnet Roman II, p. 560, 6; cf. RIC II p. 218, 24.TextImage
Mueller 13Spain, Mines issues. 2nd-1st c. BC. PB 40mm, 48.94 g. Hound standing left, A above / Bucranium. Mueller 13, Plomos 13.TextImage
NAC 64, 1094AE tessera, time of Tiberius. 4.02 gr. Draped bust of Victory (?) facing, within wreath / IIII within wreath. Apparently unique and unrecorded.TextImage
NAC 64, 2455AE Tesserae, time of Tiberius, 3.98 g. Youthful Bacchus or female half bust right, holding thyrsus / VII. Cohen –; Buttrey –; Belfort p. 172, 4-5 var (numeral).TextImage
NAC 72, 1475Pb Tessera, 1st cent. AD. Bull or calf walking right / IP. NAC 72, lot 1475; Paris 142 var (has PM on the rev.).TextImage
Nilus 1424PB Tessera, Roman times, ca 50-200 AD. 7.18g. Man standing left, pouring wine or oil from a large amphora / Bull's head facing. Nilus Coins 1424.TextImage
NYS V, 251PB Tessera, 16 mm, 2.82 g. R and anchor / OPVS RVDR in two lines. New York Sale, V, 251.TextImage
Overbeck 63ffPB tessera, 3.4 gr. ca. 81-161 AD. Three-legged modius / Female figure standing. Cf. Overbeck, Römische Bleimarken, 63ff.TextImage
Overbeck 363Lead tessera. 16mm, 2.23 gr. Hispania. TEVL.., Cult figure of Diana of Ephesia facing, with supports / Blank. Overbeck 363; Powell Coll. 440.TextImage
Overbeck 592PB tessera. 1st c. AD. 13,5 mm. Two tunny fish / TIA. Rostovtsev Corpus 3080, Overbeck 592.TextImage
Paris 103PB Tessera, 19mm. ca 81-161 AD, Saturnalia celebration. 4.54 g. Wreath / IO SAT IO in two lines with palm branch between, with stalk split into two horizonal lines, forming an upside-down F. Paris 103.TextImage
Paris 114 varPB tessera, square. 13 x 16 mm, 3.42 gr. Elephant right / Fortuna (?) standing left. Scholz 873 var (Mercury, circular); Paris 114-15 var (Fortuna, circular).TextImage
Paris 289Roman lead tessera. 1st-2nd century AD. 2.35g; 16mm. Neptune standing left, holding dolphin and trident / Dolphin right. Paris 289.TextImage
Paris 532Lead tessera. Bare male head, youthful, right / Male figure, naked, standing left, head tilted left, legs crossed, left arm on a column, right hand lowered and outstretched. Paris 532; De Schodt 5.TextImage
Paris 577PB Tessera, Greece. 4th-3rd c. BC. 17mm, 8.84 g. Bird (partridge?) walking left / Facing head of Medusa. Paris 577.TextImage
Paris 596PB Tessera. Roman times. Phallus / Palm branch. Paris 596-597; Rostovtsev Corp. 924.TextImage
Paris 604Lead tessera, 19x15mm, 4.18 gr. Israel. Amphora / Reverse blank. Paris 604 and 748; Powell Coll. 568.TextImage
Paris 660PB tessera, Greece. 21 mm, 8 gr. Helmeted bust of Athena right / Bearded head of Zeus right. Paris 660.TextImage
Paris 695PB Tessera, Alexandria, Egypt. 34mm. Bare-headed and draped bust of Antinoüs right / Blank. Paris 695.TextImage
Pecunem 26, 834AE Tessera, 13mm. 0.74g. 1st-3rd centuries AD. Coiled serpent on a base, head left, star in right field / Crescent and three stars. Pecunem & Gitbud & Naumann 26, lot 834.TextImage
Pegasi 10650195Nero and Agrippina, 54-68 AD. PB Tessera 4.03 gm. Confronted heads of Nero and Agrippina facing each other / Blank. Pegasi 10650195.TextImage
Plomos 19, 2PB Tessera, Spain, 43mm, early Republican times. 98.52 gm). TAN.., Head of Roma right, wearing griffin-crested helmet / Eros or Cupid, holding reins, driving biga of two cavorting dolphins right. Plomos pg. 19, 2.TextImage
Plomos 21,2PB Tessera, 49mm, Spain, early Republican times. PS to right of Hercules, nude but for lion's skin over shoulder, walking right, holding club and leading Cerberus through the gate out of Hades / PS to right of two kaberioi pouring wine from amphorae into a large krater; Victory flying left above. Plomos pg. 21, 2.TextImage
Plomos 25, 12vPB Tessera, 22mm, Spain, Republican times, Tripod(?); amphora below, star to left, wheel to right / Foot wearing a laced-up boot. Plomos pg. 25, 12 var. (no wheel).TextImage
Plomos 26, 3PB Tessera, Spain, 47mm. P-S to left and right of nude male walking left, carrying bell(?) and shovel over his shoulder, all within wreath / Harrow (or miner's axe?). Plomos pg. 26, 3.TextImage
Plomos 27, 5PB Tessera, 35mm, Spain, Republican times. NONACI to left of ithyphallic male walking right, shovel over shoulder / Pentagram. Plomos pg. 27, 5.TextImage
Plomos 28, 10PB Tessera, 55mm, Spain, Republican times. Bull's head facing / A or TA monogram beneath dog standing right; tree behind, all within wreath. cf. Plomos pg. 28, 10.Text

Plomos 30, 17PB Tessera, Spain, Republican times. 50mm. S to right of capped head of Vulcan right; tongs to left, all within wreath / ANT monogram to right of nude male walking right, shovel over shoulder; small nude figure to left holding uncertain object, all within wreath. Cf. Plomos pg. 30, 17.TextImage
Plomos 32, 25PB Tessera, 42mm, Spain, Republican times. L HERENI.C to right of bare-head of male; to left, small nude male walking right, holding shovel over shoulder / Male head right. Cf. Plomos pg.32, 25.TextImage
Powell 177Lead tessera, 22 mm, 9.76 gr. Male bust left, I-I or two batons at sides / Eagle sitting left, olive branch with four leaves above. Powell Coll. 177; similar to Ruggiero 1271.TextImage
Powell 241Lead tessera, 16mm, 2.56 gr. IOB on slightly oval flan, broad rim / Blank. Powell Coll. 241.TextImage
Powell 345Lead tessera, 15mm, 4.57 gr. EPIC TETV around central S / Cornucopiae on trident. Powell Coll. 345.TextImage
Powell 405ALead tessera, 15-16mm, 2.69 gr. AV (ligate) above, T.. below, Hippocamp right, cornucopiae over shoulder. Reverse blank. Powell Coll. 405A.TextImage
Powell 410Lead tessera. 15mm, 2.91 gr. ..IA, Kybele (?) seated left, holding patera, crescent in left field / Blank. Powell Coll. 410.TextImage
Powell 1422Middle East, lead tessera ca. 2nd century AD. 14-15mm, 1.51 gr. Female bust left, Hebrew inscription around / Three flowers with four petals each. Powell Coll. 1422.TextImage
Powell 1776Alexandria, Egypt, lead tessera. 22mm, 5.91 gr. Helmeted head of Africa? right, holding flower / Male figure kneeling right on one knee beneath a tree, milking goat. Powell 1776.TextImage
Rauch 11, 720AE tessera, ca. 3rd c. AD. Horseman right / Crescent moon and three stars.TextImage
Rauch 88, 794PB square tessera, 3.92 gr. 1-3rd c. AD. Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae / DV, dot in each corner.TextImage
Rogers 526Pherai, Thessaly. AE Tessera or token. 4th c. BC. 15mm, 5.15 g. Head of bearded Satyr facing, with animal ears / ΦE upwards to right of forepart of bull standing right, bipennis (double axe) to left. Rogers 526; BCD Thessaly II 692; BCD Thessaly I 1305; Pozzi 2864.TextImage
Rostovtsev 757PB Tessera 16mm, 2.60 g. Radiate head of Sol right / Horse's head right. Rostovtsev 757; Ruggiero 1017.TextImage
Rostovtsev 2038PB Tessera, 19mm. Mercury standing left, holding purse and caduceus / CC-C to left and right of Apollo standing left, leaning on column, holding wreath. Rostovtsev 2038.TextImage
Rostovtsev 2307PB Tessera, 11mm. Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae / DP. Rostovtsev 2307.TextImage
Rostovtsev 2307PB Tessera, 1st c. AD. Roman times. 1.58g; 12mm. Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae / D dot P. Rostovtsev 2307.TextImage
Rostovtsev 2330PB Tessera, 18mm. Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae / LAT. Rostovtsev 2330.TextImage
Rostovtsev 2648PB Tessera, 19mm. Mercury standing left, holding purse and caduceus / Fortuna seated left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. Rostovtsev 2648.TextImage
Rostovtsev 2677PB Tessera, square 18x18mm. Mercury standing left, holding purse and caduceus / Clasped hands. Rostovtsev 2677.TextImage
Rostovtsev 3080PB tessera, 13.5mm. 1st c. AD. Two tunny fish / TIA. Rostovtsev 3080; Overbeck 592.TextImage
Rost III 38, 4PB Tessera, 18mm, Ca 1st Century AD. OLYMPIANVS around male head right / EVCARPVS around dot, HS and symbol in centre. Rostovsew & Prou pg. 138; Rost III in NC, p. 38, 4.TextImage
Ruggiero 109PB Tessera, Roman, found in England. HE R in two lines / AVG around, Minerva, helmeted, right, holding spear and shield.]. Ruggiero 109-110.TextImage
Ruggiero 364PB tessera, 2-3rd C. AD. 3.49 g. The three Graces, standing facing / Modius containing three grain ears. Goebl 112; Ruggiero 364-395.TextImage
Ruggiero 423PB Tessera or seal. Roman times. 20 mm. Helmeted figure seated left, holding Victory / Wolf and twins. Ficorini XXIX-11; Ruggiero 423-424.TextImage
Ruggiero 527Lead Tessera. 21.7 mm, 5.14 g. ca AD 60. Victory walking left, holding wreath and palm; palm branch in field / M dot AR VES in two lines. Ruggiero 527.TextImage
Ruggiero 572PB tessera, Roman times, 19mm, 2.91 gr. Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae / Aphrodite standing right, leaning on column, extending hand to Mars, standing left, resting hand on shield. Ruggiero 572; Munich 16-17.TextImage
Ruggiero 808PB Tessera, 1,59 g, 12-13 mm. Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae / DP. Ruggiero 808.TextImage
Ruggiero 1267PB tessera or seal. Helmeted head right / Dove flying right. Poss. Ruggiero 1267.TextImage
Ruggiero 1271PB Tessera, 21mm. Bare head right within beaded circle. (Drusus?) / Eagle, head right, standing on braided spear or thunderbolt, wings spread. Ruggiero 1271.TextImage
Ruggiero 1278Lead tessera. Bare male head right with curly hair and curly beard / Wild boar running right. Rug 1278; Dancoisne 26; De Schodt 6.TextImage
Ruggiero 1453PB Tessera, 15mm. Theater mask / Blank. Ficoroni XXXI-6; Ruggiero 1453; Boersema 8215.TextImage
Ruggiero 1549PB Tessera, 17mm. PA, palm branch / Rhinoceros right. Ruggiero 1549.TextImage
R+W 255069AE12 Tessera, ca. 1. Century AD (?), 0.70 g. Head of Serapis right, wearing polos / Crescent and three stars.TextImage
Sachero 151ffBone tessera, Alexandria, Time of Nero. 5.39 g. Bare head of Nero left / VII FILOKLHC Z in three lines. Cf. Kestner Museum, Tesseren 149-150; cf. L. Sachero, I Contorniati.. pp. 151-155.TextImage
Schick EB494Lead Tessera, 19mm. AAA above wolf standing right, suckling twins / Blank. Schick Coins item EB494.TextImage
Schodt 2Lead tessera. Roman provincial, in the name of Sexetus. CEXE-TOY, Zeus seated left, holding wreath-bearing Nike and sceptre / Blank. De Schodt 2.TextImage
Schodt 4Lead tessera. Bearded head right with curly hair and curly beard / Centaur walking left. De Schodt 4.TextImage
Schodt 7Lead tessera. Fortuna standing front, holding rudder and cornucopiae / S-CR above and below dot, all within wreath. Schodt, 7 in RBN Vol. 35 (1879).TextImage
Scholz 107PB Tessera or seal. Griffin leaping left, S or G at lower right / Blank (traces of base used for striking). Scholz 107.TextImage
Scholz 110 varPB tessera. 9mm. Two fish, one above the other, swimming in opposite directions, horizontal trident between them / Reverse not shown: Blank. Powell Coll. 408; Scholz 110 var (no mention of trident); Dissard 1722 var (ditto).TextImage
Scholz 142Pb Tessera, 1.34 g. Male head right (laureate?) / Aphrodite standing facing, dressing her hair with both hands. Scholz 142.TextImage
Scholz 155Roman lead tessera 1st century AD, 3.36g; 19mm. Aphrodite, seen from front, dressing her hair with both hands / Eros standing right (holding mirror?). Scholz 155. Boersema 8321.TextImage
Scholz 202 cfPB Tessera, Roman times, 23x11mm. Radiate bust of Sol facing / (Rev not shown: blank). cf. Scholz 202 ("Head of Sol facing").TextImage
Scholz 230Lead tessera, 6mm, 4.09 gr. Mercury walking left, holding caduceus and purse / Winged caduceus. Scholz 230; Ruggiero 252-257.TextImage
Scholz 238PB Tessera, Roman times. ca. 1st-2nd cent. AD. 3.01g, 18-19mm. Victory seated left, inscribing shield on palm / Caduceus between crossed cornucopiae. Scholz 238.TextImage
Scholz 456Lead tessera, 21mm, 8.52 gr. AA GS in two lines to left and right of long loaf of bread or elliptical shield / ROM-VLA in two lines. Scholz 456; Rug 2004-2007 corr. (S omitted).TextImage
Scholz 508Lead tessera. 22mm; 3.62gr. Hispania. Helmeted head of Minerva right / Genius or warrior, naked, standing left, holding patera and sceptre. Scholz 508; Overbeck 267.TextImage
Scholz 553Lead tessera, 20-21mm, 6.56 gr. Helmeted, female head left / Dove alighting right, wings spread. Scholz 553; Powell Coll. 202.TextImage
Scholz 585PB tessera, Roman times, 1-2nd c. AD. 14mm. Dolphin right / Galley left. Scholz 585.TextImage
Scholz 895Lead tessera, 12mm, 2.11 gr. Hippopotamus walking right / Reverse blank. Scholz 895; Powell Coll. 406.TextImage
Scholz 918 cfLead tessera. AVA above bull walking right, head facing / Blank. cf Scholz 918-919; Ficorini X-5.TextImage
Scholz 1124Roman lead tessera. 1st-2nd century AD. 2.44g; 16mm. Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae / Clasped hands. Ruggiero 713-726; Scholz 1124; Boersema 7010.TextImage
Scholz 1166PB lead tessera or seal, found in England. 22mm. Radiate head of Sol right / Man naked, standing left, holding flower (?) in right hand, uncertain object in left hand. Scholz 1166.TextImage
Scholz 1296 varPB Tessera 8.67g, ca. 1-2nd C. AD. Probably Roman Gaul (France). CAE S in two lines / Blank. Scholz 1296 var (S in legend).TextImage
Scholz 1436Lead tessera. 7mm, 2.42 gr. EVHE MERI in two lines / LES BL in two lines. Ficorini VII-2; Scholz 1436.TextImage
Scholz 1541Lead Tessera. 20.3 mm, 3.93 g. ca 1st c. AD. Bearded, male head right / LI-CH in two lines. Scholz 1541; Ficcorini IV-5.TextImage
Scholz 1727Roman lead tessera. 1st century AD. 4.43g; 18mm. Jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt and sceptre / Large QSP. Ficorini IX-12; Scholz 1727; Ruggiero 1391.TextImage
Scholz 1764Lead tessera, 17mm, 2.92 gr. SOD / Genius standing left, holding wreath in right hand. Scholz 1764.TextImage
Simonetta 4A, IIIIAE Tessera-Spintira. 1st C. AD. Time of Tiberius. Erotic scene: Woman lying right, on knees and elbows, man kneeling right with right arm outstretched, on an elaborate bed with canopy above; beneath a small figure seated right and an owl (?) / IIII within circle within wreath. Campana D7-4; Buttrey Scene 9. Simonetta-Riva Scene 4A.TextImage
Simonetta 6C, XIAE erotic Tessera, 4.42 gr. 1st C. AD. Woman reclining with man kneeling over her / XI within wreath. Buttrey, NC 1973, scene 5/XI; Simonetta-Riva scene 6C; Bateson H8.TextImage
Simonetta 7AE Tessera, 4.19 g. Ithyphallic herm left / V within circle. Simonetta Pl. 7.TextImage
Simonetta 9A, IIIAE Erotic tessera (spintria), time of Tiberius, early 1st C. AD. 3.12 g. Erotic scene: Woman reclining left, resting on one hand, man kneeling before her / III within wreath. Buttrey, NC 1973, scene 1/III. Simonetta-Riva scene 9A. Bateson H20.TextImage
Simonetta 9A, VIIIIAE Tessera-Spintria. 1st C. AD, time of Tiberius. 3,09g. Woman sitting left, knees raised, man kneeling right / VIIII within circle and wreath. Buttrey, scene 1; Simonetta, Scene 9A; Campana D30-9; Vienna MK 32-740.TextImage
Simonetta 9B, VAE Tessera-Sprintria, 21mm, 4.56 g, time of Tiberius. Erotic scene: Woman lying left, legs half raised, man kneeling right, all on canopied bed / V within border of dots surrounded by a wreath. Simonetta scene 9B; Buttrey scene 11/V; Campana Fig. 31 (all this example).TextImage
Simonetta 10A, VAE Tessera-Spintria. 1st C. AD, time of Tiberius. 4,30 g. Woman reclining left, knees raised, hands behind her head, man behind her / V within circle and wreath. Buttrey 8 var. (V fehlt); Simonetta-Riva 10A.TextImage
Simonetta 10A, XIIIIAE Erotic Tessera, 22mm, Time of Tiberius, AD 14-37. Heterosexual erotic scene, man reclining with woman leaning over him / XIIII within circle within a wreath. Simonetta & Riva 10A; Buttrey Scene 8.TextImage
Simonetta 10B var, IIAE erotic tessera, 5.55 gr. Time of Tiberius, AD 14-37. Heterosexual erotic scene, woman lying on her back, man at her side, drapery above. II within wreath. Simonetta & Riva scene 10B var. (unrecorded with II rev.); Buttrey scene 8 var. (ditto).TextImage
Simonetta 13, VIAE Tessera, Erotic Spintra, 1st - 2nd Century AD. Naked woman reclining on couch, man on her far side / VI within wreath. Simonetta 13.TextImage
Simonetta 15, VIIAE erotic tessera (Spintria). 21mm. 6,57g. 1st C. AD. Woman kneeling, performing fellatio on a reclining man, who has one hand over his head. At top left, silver insert of an eagle / VII within circle all within wreath. Buttrey, Tab. A, Scene 6 / VII; Simonetta Scene 15/VII.TextImage
Stacks 3090PB Tessera, Time of Justinian I 527-565 AD, 5.45 gr, Illyria (?). Monogram Γ, P and c / Large I between small I and star over Φ over dot. Stack's, Golden Horn Collection, 3090.TextImage
Svoronos 48 cfAE Tessera, Greece, 3.10 gr. A / Blank. cf. Svoronos 48.TextImage
Svoronos O100, 1-R100, 19AE Tessera. Greece, ca 342-338 BC. 3.39 g. Helmeted head of Athena left / E. Svoronos O100-1/R100-19.TextImage
Svoronos pl. 100 varAE Tessera, 343-338 BC, 4,34 g. Athens. Helmeted head of Athena left / N within incuse. cf Svoronos Pl. 100, 1-8 (N not listed).TextImage
Turcan 410 corrMaximus. Roman PB tessera, c. 2nd-3rd century AD. 7.09g; 26mm. MAXI beneath Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae / Stork holding scales; On the left scale, which is weighing down, sits a hare, on the right scale a dog. Turcan, Nigra Moneta, 410; corr.; Boersema 7000.TextImage
UK Finds LIN-E9C236PB Counter or gaming piece. Roman times. 13mm. Dot within circle within wreath / Blank. UK Finds database LIN-E9C236.TextImage
Xarakter 1-13Larissa lead imitation. Radiate head of Helios facing / ΛAΡ above horse grazing right. Protonotarius pl. IV, 1-13 and pl. V, 1-7 in "Xarakter", 1996.TextImage
Xarakter 1-19Thebes lead imitation. Boeotian shield / Amphora. Protonotarius pl. I-III, 1-19 in "Xarakter", 1996.TextImage
Zlobin i35179Lead tessera. 21mm, 4.62 gr, ca 100 BC-AD 100. CL dot A / Palm branch within wreath. Scholz 1344 var (CLCA). Zlobin i35179.TextImage
Zlobin i35183Lead token or tessera, 16mm, 3.45 gr. Large D / Large A. Zlobin i35183.TextImage
Fake Spintria 1AE Tessera-Spintria. Cast fake. 30mm, 19 gr. Heterosexual erotic scene: Woman lying facing, head turned, man half standing over her / XI within wreath. A modern cast fake. This scene not in Buttrey, Simonetta, Campana etc.TextImage
See also: Numerous English translations of old articles and catalogs of tesserae by Dane 'Helvetica' Kurth. Page is password protected to stop theft. Please follow instructions on that page. I reserve the right to refuse access.
Le Spintriae Tessere.. pdf by Alberto Campana, on
Ficoroni, I Piobi Antichi (in Italian) with over 30 plates. Download from
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