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Moushmov 6043
Julia AE24 of Amphipolis. IVLIA SEBA-STH, veiled head right / AMFIPOLITWN. Artemis on bull right, holding veil over head. TextFull Size
RPC 2359
Livia and Julia, wife and daughter of Augustus, AE18 of Pergamum, Mysia. LIBIAN HRAN CARINOS, draped bust of Livia right / IOVLIAN AFRODITHN, draped bust of Julia right. TextFull Size
RPC 5437
Gaius und Julia AE of Pergamon, Mysia. 1.76 g. ΓAI KAIΣAΡ, bare head of Gaius Caesar right / IOYΛIA, head of Julia right, hair knotted behind her head. RPC 5437.TextFull Size

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