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L.Sulla. 84-83 BC. AR Denarius (3.86 gm). Diademed head of Venus right; cupid with long palm branch before / Capis and lituus between two trophies. Cr359/2; Syd 761; Cornelia 30. Click Here
Cornelia33 L Manlius Torquatus & L Cornelius Sulla AV Aureus. 82 BC. Military mint moving with Sulla. L MANLI before, PRO Q behind, head of Roma right, in winged helmet with peaked visor, cruciform earring & necklace, hair in three locks / L. SVLLA. IM in exergue, Sulla, togate, driving triumphal quadriga right, holding branch and reins; above, Victory flying left crowning Sulla with laurel wreath. Cr367/4, Syd 756. TextClick Here
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Cornelia39 L Cornelius Sulla & L Malius AR Denarius. 82 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, L MANLI PROQ / Triumphator in quadriga right, crowned by Victory, L SVLLA IMP in ex. Syd 757, Cr367/5. TextClick Here
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Q Pompeius Rufus Denarius. 54 BC. SVLLA COS, bare head of Sulla right / RVFVS COS Q POM RVFI, bare head of Quintus Pompeius Rufus right. Syd 908, Cr434/1. Click Here
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Q Pompeius Rufus AR Denarius. 54 BC. Rome mint. Q POMPEI Q F RVFVS above, curule chair flanked by arrow & laurel-branch; COS on raised tablet below / SVLLA COS above, curule chair flanked by lituus & a wreath; Q POMPEI RVF on raised tablet below. Cr434/2, Syd 909. Click Here
Pompeia5a Q Pompeius Rufus Denarius. ca 55 BC, Rome. Q POMPEI Q F / RVRVS (sic ) above, COS on tablet below, curule chair, arrow on left, branch on right / SVLLA. COS above, Q. POMPEI RVF on tablet below, curule chair between lituus & crown. Cr434/2, Syd 909a. TextClick Here
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