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RPC 3139Phrygia, Eumenea as Fulvia. Circa 41-40 BC. AE 20mm. Draped bust of Fulvia as winged Nike right / FOULOUIANWN right, Athena advancing left, holding spear in right hand, shield on left arm; magistrate ZMERTORIGOS son of FILWNIDOU. BMC 20.Text
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RPC 3140Fulvia AE17 of Eumeneia, as Fulvianon, Phrygia. Circa 41-40 BC. Draped bust of Fulvia as winged Nike right / FOULOUI/ANWN/ZMEPTOPI, three lines within ivy-wreath. SNGvA 8367. TextClick Here
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Fulvia, 43 BC. AR Quinarius. Lugdunum Mint. III VIR R P C, bust of Victory right with the likeness of Fulvia / Lion right between A and XLI; ANTONI above, IMP in ex. Cr489/6; Sy 1163. Click Here
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Fulvia & Marc Antony AR quinarius. 43-42 BC. No legend, Bust of Victory right / DVNI A XL LVGV, Lion standing right. Syd 1160, Cr489/5. Click Here
RSC 4 foureeFulvia, Lugdunum, Ancient fouree imitation of quinarius. Bust of Fulvia as Victory right / DVNI above, LVGV beneath lion walking right between A and XL (year 40). Imitation of RSC 4. (please read the text about this coin).TextFull Size
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