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BMC 20Panormos, Sicily AE14. Veiled head of Demeter right, crowned with corn ears / [PANORMITWN], poppy-head between two barley stalks or grain ears. BMC 20; cf SNG Cop 525; Mionnet I, 620.TextFull Size
BMC 27 obol Panormus, Sicily, AR obol, (0.53g) c. 410 BC, Young male head left. / Man-headed bull left, head facing, Punic letters above.TextFull Size
BMC 27
Panormus, Sicily, AR hemilitron. c. 410 BC, Young male head left / Man-headed bull standing left, head facing, Punic letters above.TextFull Size
Calciati 1 Sicily, Panormos. After 241 BC. AE 18mm. Jugate heads of the Dioscuri right / PANOR/MITAN, legend in two lines within laurel wreath. BMC 21. TextFull Size
Calciati 3.1
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Calciati 3 Panormos, Sicily. 3rd Century BC. AE17. Veiled head of Demeter right, wearing corn wreath, right / cornucopiae. Calciati 3. TextFull Size
Calciati 10.1
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Calciati 10 Sicily, Panormos. Ziz mint. After 405 BC. AE 13mm (1.67 gm). Horse running right; grain above / Man headed bull right; Punic Ziz above. SNG ANS 1362. TextFull Size
Calciati 12 Sicily, Panormos. After 241 BC. AE 29mm. Helmeted head of Athena / Head of Kore left. SNG ANS 556-557. TextFull Size
Calciati 15 Sicily, Panormos. After 241 BC. AE 24mm. Helmeted head of Athena / Triskeles with Medusa head. SNG ANS 561-562. TextFull Size
Calciati 71 SICILY, Panormos. ca 120 BC. AE As. Man. Acilius, Quaestor. Laureate & bearded head of Janus; I above / MAN (ligate) ACILI Q within laurel-wreath; star pattern of pellets at top. SNG ANS 599, BMC 1; SNG Cop 1037. TextFull Size
Calciati 98 Sicily, Panormos. Circa 212-210 BC. AE 24mm (7.15 gm). Janiform, bearded head / Dove standing right in wreath. TextFull Size
Calciati 103 Sicily, Panormos. After 241 BC. AE 25mm. Laureate head of Janus / Bird's wing. TextFull Size
Calciati 106Panormos, Sicily, Roman protectorate AE As, 21-23 mm, 6.81g. 2nd to 1st cent. BC. Laureate head of Janus / Oak wreath without symbols inside; star above. Calciati 106; SNG Morcom 656.TextFull Size
Calciati 108 Sicily, Panormos. After 241 BC. AE 22mm. Laureate head of Janus / Spearhead & jawbone of boar. SNG ANS 594-596. TextFull Size
Calciati 111 SICILY, Panormos. ca 120 BC. AE As. P. Terentius, magistrate. Laureate & bearded head of Janus; I above / P. TE, she-wolf standing right, head reverted, suckling the twins Romulus & Remus. SNG ANS 603, BMC 11; SNG Cop 1050. TextFull Size
Calciati 119 Sicily, Panormus. 1st Century BC. AE 26mm (8.24 gm). Laureate head of Zeus left / Figure in Roman military attire standing left, leaning on spear, shield behind; Panormus monogram in left field, hammer in right field. SNGCop 548, SNG ANS 588. TextFull Size
Calciati 126 Sicily, Panormus. 1st Century BC. AE 19mm (4.02 gm). Laureate head of Zeus left / Figure in Roman military attire standing left, leaning on spear, shield behind. SNGCop 557. TextFull Size
Calciati 161 SICILY, Panormos. Circa 1st Century BC. AE 18mm. Lighthouse / Altar. RPC I 637. TextFull Size
Calciati 163Panormos, Sicily, AE, 1st. century BC. 2.60 g. Head of Herakles left wearing lion's skin / Club, X (value) and dot to left and right. Calciati I, S. 358, Em. 163.TextFull Size
Hoover 1088Panormos, Sicily AE17, after 241 BC. Lighthouse / PAN monogram. Quaestor name L dot Q below. Hoover 1088; Bahrfeldt 71 (1904).TextFull Size
Jenkins 4A Sicily, Panormus AR Tetradrachm. ca 440-420 BC. Fast quadriga left, above dolphin diving left, dog left in exergue / head of Arethusa right, hair in sakkos, four dolphins around. TextFull Size
Jenkins 20 Sicily, Panormos AR Tetradrachm. ca 400-390 BC. Charioteer driving galloping quadriga right, holding kentron in right hand, reins in both, Nike flying above crowning charioteer; Punic SYS & shell in exergue / Female head right in necklace; three dolphins around, fish above. SNG Lloyd 1580. TextFull Size
Jenkins 72 Sicily, Panormos, Punic occupation, AR Tetradrachm. Struck circa 325-300 BC. Charioteer driving fast quadriga left, holding kentron in right hand, reins in left; above, Nike flying right, crowning charioteer; star above horses' heads, Punic SYS in exergue / Wreathed head of Arethusa left, in triple-pendant earring & necklace; four dolphins swimming around. TextFull Size
Jenkins P44-4A Siculo-Punic, Panormus AR Tetradrachm. ca 440–420 BC. Fast biga left, dolphin left above, shrimp left in exergue / P—ANO—PM—ITI—KON, female head right in whorl earring, hair confined in sakkos with meander ornament. TextFull Size
Lindgen 503 Sicily, Panormos AE14. Before 254 BC. Laureate head of Apollo left / forepart of a horse right, dolphin below. TextFull Size
Mini 181Panormos, Sicily, AE. Head of Herakles left, wearing lion's skin headdress / Club, dot and X to left and right. Mini 181.TextFull Size
RPC 636Sicily, Panormos. Uncertain date (in the Triumviral Period). AE 22mm (7.15 gm). Laureate head of Zeus right / PANOPMITAN.C.D, tetrastyle temple. TextFull Size
RPC 637Sicily, Panormus AE15. Triumviral Period?. Pharos or tower, D D to either side / Altar. SNG Cop 1061, Calciati-161. TextFull Size
RPC 645Sicily, Panormus. Time of Tiberius. AE 15mm. PANOR-MITAN, Livia seated right, holding scepter & patera / CN DOM- A LA, ram standing left. SNG ANS 574. TextFull Size
SNGANS 539 Sicily, Panormos, Punic Occupation AR Tetradrachm. ca 360-340 BC. Charioteer driving quadriga left; above, Nike flying left, crowning horses / Head of Arethusa right; five dolphins around. Jenkins 48, SNG ANS 539. TextFull Size
SNGANS 548 Sicily, Panormos, Punic Occupation AR Litra. ca 425-300 BC. Male head left; swastika to right / Man-headed bull standing left. Jenkins 12, SNG ANS 548. TextFull Size
SNGANS 555 Sicily, Panormos AE14. 4th-3rd Century BC. Wreathed head of Apollo left / Pegasus flying left. TextFull Size
SNG ANS 563Panormos, Sicily. After 241 BC. AE 17mm (5.27 g). Wreathed head of Demeter left / PANORMITAN, Poppy and two grain ears. CNS p. 330, 7; SNG ANS 563.TextFull Size
SNG ANS 569 Sicily, Panormos. After 241 BC. AE 19mm (6.66 gm). Ram standing right; head of Janus below / Eagle standing right, head reverted. TextFull Size
SNG ANS 580Sicily, Panormos. after 295 BC. AE12. Veiled head of Demeter left / Prow of ship, PAR monogram above. SNG ANS 580.TextFull Size
SNG ANS 586 Sicily, Panormos. After 241 BC. AE 22mm. Laureate head of Zeus right / Helmeted warrior standing left holding patera, leaning on spear, upon which a shield leans.TextFull Size
SNG ANS 593Sicily, Panormus. AE 21. Circa 350 BC. Laureate head of Zeus left / POR to left of warrior standing facing, head left, wearing helmet and cuirass, holding patera in right hand, spear in left hand, shield at his feet. SNG Cop 557var. SNG ANS 593. Sear 1164.TextFull Size
SNG ANS 603 Sicily, Panormos. After 241 BC. AE 22mm (6.44 gm). Laureate head of Janus; I above / PTE above she wolf suckling twins.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 541Sicily, Panormos AE15. 3rd Century BC. Male head right / warrior standing left holding spear & shield.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 549Sicily, Panormos AE20. 3rd century BC. Head of Zeus left / warrior standing.TextFull Size
SNG Morcom 654v Sicily, Panormos. Circa 254-200 BC. AE 16mm. Laureate head of Zeus standing right / Eagle standing right; torch behind, monogram before.TextFull Size
Virzi 1315 Sicily, Panormos. Circa 350-300 BC. AE 17mm (4.78 gm). Youthful head left, dolphin right / Pegasos flying left. cf. SNG ANS 555.TextFull Size
Sear 880Panormus, Sicily, AR Didrachm. Before 415 BC. Hound standing right / Punic legend, SIS Diademed female head right, hair rolled, three dolphins around.
Sear 889Sicily, Panormos AR Obol. 405-380 BC. Young male head left / man-headed bull standing left, head facing, Punic inscription above.
Sear 891Panormos, Sicily, AR Tetradrachm. Quadriga right, driven by charioteer crowned by Nike, Punic legend in ex / Head of Arethusa right, decorated with grain, dolphins around. Jenkins 37.
Sear 1155Sicilo-Punic, AE hemilitron, c. 400 BC, Cock standing right. / Six pellets. BMC(Panormos)33, SNG ANS(Panormos)532.
Sear 1157SICILY, Panormos as Ziz. ca 380-340 BC. AE Litra. Head of Hera left / Punic 'sys' in ex, man-headed bull standing left; radiate head of Helios above. Jenkins 21; SNG ANS 554; Calciati 5; BMC 38; SNGCop 518.
Sear 1160Panormos, Sicily, AE26. Under the Romans, after 254 AD. Bust of Athena right, in Corinthian helmet / PANOR MI TAN Demeter standing left, holding phial and cornucopia. BMC10.
Sear 1164Sicily, Panormos AE28. After 254 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / Warrior, wearing helmet & cuirass standing left, holding spear & phiale, shield at feet.
Sear 1165Sicily, Panormos, AE13, 1.90 gr. After 295 BC. Veiled head of Demeter left / PAR monogram above prow of ship. SNG ANS 580-583; Calciati 42; SNG Cop. 545; BMC 23; Sear Greece 1165.TextFull Size
Sear 1167Panormos, Sicily, AE26 As. After 200BC. Laureate head of Janus, I above / wreath.
RPC 641Augustus AE 22mm of Sicily, Panormos. Bare head right / Triskeles with gorgoneion at center; barley ear below. Calciati 20. TextImage
RPC 642Tiberius & Julia Augusta (Livia) AE 19mm of Sicily, Panormus. PANORMITANORVM, bare head of Tiberius (?) right /[AVGVS] veiled head of Livia (?) right. TextImage
RPC 644Sicily, Panormus. Cn Domi Procul A Laetor II Viri. Reign of Tiberius. 14-37 AD. AE 22mm. PANORMITANORVM, radiate head of Tiberius left / CN DO PROC A LAETOR IIVIR, capricorn right; triskeles below. SNGCop 564. TextImage
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