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RPC 1708

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Cohen Tessera 1Caius and Lucius, AE21 tessera. 20 BC-4 AD and 17 BC-2 AD), 3.65 g. Confronted bare heads of Caius and Lucius, each surmounted by star, globe below, all within circle / IIII within dotted border and wreath. Belfort Caius&Lucius 1; Cohen Tess. Caius and Lucius 1.TextImage
RIC 540
sear5 #1749
Caius Caesar Denarius. CAESAR, young head right within oak wreath / AVG-VST, candelabrum ornamented with rams' heads & surmounted by crescent, within wreath entwined with bucrania & paterae. RSC 2. (2 examples)
RPC 2246
Caius & Lucius Caesars AE14 of Cyzicus. Head of Gaius Caesar right / head of Lucius Caesar right. TextImage
RPC 2365
Caius and Lucius, AE of Pergamon, Mysia.3.07 gr. KAIΣAΡA ΠEΡΓAMHNOI, bare head of Caius Caesar right / Λ KAIΣAΡA ΔHMOΦΩN, bare head of Lucius Caesar right. RPC 2365 (this coin); SNG BN 2038.TextImage
RPC 2428
Caius & Lucius, Caesars, AE16 of Aeolis, Aegae. Diphilos Phaita, agonothete. AIΓEΩN ΛEYKION, bare head of Lucius Caesar right / ΓAION ΔIΦIΛOC ΦAITA AΓΩNOΘETAC, bare head of Caius Caesar right. TextImage
Nikeia Kilbiani
RPC 2564
Caius and Lucius, AE18 of Nikeia, Kilbiani, Lydia. 3.92 g. ΓAIOΣ ΛEYKIOΣ, jugate heads of Caius and Lucius right / AΡATOΣ ΓΡAMMATEYΣ KIΛBIANΩN NAIKAIAΣ, Demos standing left. RPC I 2564; Imhoof-Blumer, 8; SNG München 208; SNG Cop 105-106; Lindgren 719.Text

RPC 2648
Caius Caesar, AE19 of Tralles, Lydia. AD 5 BC-1 AD. ΓAIOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare head right / KAIΣAΡEΩN ΛEIBIA, Livia, veiled, as Demeter standing front, holding corn-ear and poppy, right hand raised. Crescent beside her head. RPC I 2648; BMC 117; Imhoof LS 27; BMC 118-120; Waddington 5419-5420 etc.TextImage
RPC 2649
Caius Caesar AE20 of Tralles, Lydia. 17 BC - AD 4. ΓAIOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare head right, star behind head / KAIΣAΡEΩN, city founder ploughing right with two oxen. RPC I 2649; BMC 121; Imhoof LS 28-29; SNG Munich 734 etc.TextImage
RPC 2649 var
Caius Caesar, AE19 of Tralles, Lydia. 17 BC - AD 4. ΓAIOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare head right (no star) / KAIΣAΡEΩN, city founder ploughing right with two oxen. RPC I 2649 var (star); Plankenhorn (Naumann) 1337.TextImage
RPC 2651
Lucius Caesar, AE21 of Tralles, Lydia. 17 BC - AD 2. ΛEYKIOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare head right, lituus before head / KAIΣAΡEΩN, capricorn leaping right, cornucopiae on its back. RPC I 2651; BMC 123; Paris 1640; Waddington 5422; SNG Munich 739; Weber 6947.TextImage
RPC 2653
Lucius Caesar, AE20 of Tralles, Lydia. 2 BC. ΛEYKIOY KAIΣAΡOΣ, Nike walking right, holding wreath and palm branch / KAIΣAΡEΩN, eagle standing front, head left, wings spread. RPC I 2653; Paris 1645.TextImage
RPC 2900
Gaius Caesar, AE of Laodikeia, Phrygia. 5 BC. 3.89 g. ΓAIOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare head right / ΛAOΔIKEΩN, eagle standing facing, head left, monogram to left and right. RPC 2900; SNG Cop. 557.TextImage
RPC 2950
Gaius Caesar, son of Agrippa and Julia, AE10 mm of Phrygia, Hierapolis. ca 5 BC, magistrate Diphilos. ΓAIOΣ, bare head right / IEΡA-ΠOΛEITΩN ΔIΦIΛOΣ, upwards on both sides of palm branch. SGI 222v. TextImage
RPC 3050
Caius Caesar, AE18 of Tripolis, Lydia. 17 BC-AD 4. Magistrate Tryphon Philopatridos. ΓAIOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare head right / TΡIΠOΛEITΩN TΡYΦΩN ΦIΛOΠATΡIΔOΣ, horseman right, wearing chlamys, holding bipennis over shoulder, riding right over a maeander pattern. RPC I 3050; Imhoof GRM 3; Paris 1811; Mionnet Suppl. VI (Caria), 577.TextImage
RPC 3130
Gaius Caesar AE 17mm of Apameia, Phrygia. ca 5 BC. ΓAIOΣ KAIΣAΡ, laureate head right / (AΔ?)ΣOΛEΩΣ ΠOYΦOY AΠAMEΩN, cult image of Artemis Ephesia facing. SNG von Aulock 8305.TextImage
RPC 3162
Gaius (Caius) Caesar, AE18 of Siblia, Phrygia. AD 4. Magistrate Kallikles Kallistratos. 2.26 g. ΓAIOΣ, bare head right / KAΛΛI-KΛHΣ-KAΛΛIKH-TOYΣ ΣIBΛI-ANΩN, legend in five lines. RPC 3162; Lindgren I 1030; Aulock Phrygien I 883-884; BMC 5.TextImage
RPC 3908
Augustus & Gaius Caesar AE 25 of Cyprus. 1 AD. AVGVST TRIB POT PONT MAX. laureate head of Augustus right / C CAESAR AVG F PONT COS, bare head of Gaius Caesar right. TextImage
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