Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Lete

Coinage of the Thraco-Macedonian Tribes believed to have been minted at Lete, just east of Thessalonica

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BMC 1AR Stater, Lete or unknown city, Macedonia. 11.47 g, 25.23 mm. WIAN (end of city name, retrograde), Satyr with horse's feet and tail, running right in a crouching posture with nymph who is raising right arm; flower below / Incuse square quartered with unclear symbol in one section. BMC p. 149, 1 (unknown city ..NAEI); Berlin II, 13 (Lete).TextImage
BMC 10Lete, Macedonia AR drachm. 12.31 mm, 4.64 g. ca 525-480 BC. Ithyphallic satyr standing right, grasping the left arm of a nymph fleeing right with her left hand raised, head turned back. / Quadripartite incuse square divided into triangles. Traité II-1, 1575; BMC 10.TextImage
Moushmov 6340Macedonia, Lete AR Trihemiobol or Eighth Stater. Satyr squatting right, three dots behind, two in front / incuse square divided diagonally. SNG ANS 971. TextImage
Moushmov 6341
Sear SG 1301
Lete or Siris AR Trihemiobol ca 525-480, 0.98 g. Satyr, with tail, crouching right, two dots to left and right. / Quadripartite incuse square diagonally divided. Svoronos, Hellénisme Primitif. VIII, 17; Rosen 157; SNG ANS 972; Sear SG 1301; BMC 26; Moushmov 6341. TextImage
Moushmov 6342Macedonia, 'Lete'. Circa 530-480 BC. AR 1/8 Stater. Satyr squatting right; dots around / Incuse square divided diagonally. AMNG 25, Svoronos 13-17, SNG ANS 971-972. TextImage
Moushmov 6344Macedonia, “Lete” AR Stater. ca 525-480 BC. Ithyphallic satyr grasping hand of fleeing nymph; three dots around / Diagonally divided incuse square. AMNG 15, SNG ANS 958, Dewing 1022. TextImage
Moushmov 6348
Sear SG 1300
Macedonia, Lete AR Stater. ca 500 BC. ΛETAION, centaur running right carrying protesting nymph / crested helmet in incuse square. Moushmov 6348, AMNG 27cf, Weber 1821. TextImage
Moushmov 6349Macedonia, Lete AR Obol or Twelfth Stater (.8g). ca 500-480 BC. Satyr running right in squatting posture / shallow quadripartite incuse square. Rosen 145, SNG Cop 192. TextImage
Moushmov 6352Macedonia, Lete. Circa 530-520 BC. AR Stater. Nude ithyphallic satyr with horse's tail standing right facing nymph standing left, dots around / diagonally divided incuse square. TextImage
Moushmov 6353
Sear SG 1302
Macedonia, Lete AR Trihemiobol or Eighth Stater. Late 6th-early 5th Century BC. Naked satyr running right in a crouching posture / shallow quadripartite incuse square. Moushmov 6342, SNG Lockett 1328, BMC 29, SNG Cop 193. TextImage
Moushmov 6356
Sear SG 1299
Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, Lete AR Stater. ca 520-485 BC. Naked, ithyphallic satyr striding right, pursuing nymph fleeing right, her head reverted; he grasps her arm with his right hand and caresses her face with his left; three dots in field / square incuse divided diagonally. Moushmov 6356, BMC 22, AMNG 15-16, Svoronos 16c-e, SNG ANS 955-958. TextImage
SNG ANS 970Macedonia, Lete. Circa 500-480 BC. AR Trihemiobol. Satyr squatting right; three dots around / Rough incuse square. TextImage
SNG ANS 979 varLete, Macedonia, AR 1/16th stater. ca 480 BC. 0.64 g. Bearded satyr sitting left, dot in left field, two dots in right field / Irregular incuse punch. SNG ANS 979 var.TextImage
Svoronos 3Lete, Macedonia, AR stater. ca 520 BC. Naked, ithyphallic satyr standing right, facing a nymph standing left with her right hand raised and holding wreath in left, dot in centre / Diagonally lined irregular incuse square. Svoronos, Hellénisme 3.TextImage
Sear SG 1297Macedonia, Lete AR Stater. ca 530-520 BC. Nude ithyphallic satyr grasping hand of fleeing nymph; two dots left, two right and two in the middle / diagonally divided incuse square. BMC 2.TextImage
Sear SG 1298Lete, Macedonia AR Stater, 530-480 BC, Naked ithyphallic satyr advancing right, seizing nymph, caressing her right shoulder, dot to left, to right, and below. / Square divided into four triangles. BMC 6.TextImage