Ancient Coinage of Lycaonia, Laodikeia Combusta

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RPC 1613Titus and Domitian, AE19 of Laodikeia Katakekaumene (Laodikeia Combusta / Claudio Laodikeia), Lycaonia, 5.53 g. (outwards from top left), TITOΣ KAI ΔOMITIANOΣ KAIΣAΡEΣ, bare head of Titus right, facing bare head of Domitian left / KΛAYΔIO ΛAOΔIKEΩN, Kybele, polos on head, seated left, holding patera and tympanum; lion beneath throne. RPC II 1613; Aulock Lykaonien 151-152; SNG von Aulock 8416; Waddington 4779; SNG France III 2322.TextFull Size