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BMC 18Cyrene, Cyrenaica, AR Drachm, 14 mm, 2.76 g., 520-489 BC. Two heart-shaped silphium fruits (seed pods?) facing each other, two dots between them / Heart-shaped silphium fruit (seed pod?) within incuse square. BMC 18; SNG Cop 1165.TextFull Size
BMC 65Cyrene, Cyrenaica AV Litra. ca 435–331 BC. Female head (Cyrene?) right, hair in a sphendone / Bearded head of Ammon right. Naville 13. TextFull Size
BMC 80cfCyrene, Cyrenaica AR Tetradrachm. Later fourth century BC. Silphium plant / Head of Zeus Ammon left. Cf BMC 80 (with magistrate's signature on reverse). TextFull Size
BMC 108Cyrene, Cyrenaica AV Stater, 331-323 BC. 8.55 gr. KURANAIWN, Nike standing in facing quadriga / IASONOS, Zeus Ammon seated left, right leg advanced, holding sceptre in right hand, eagle standing left behind throne. BMC 108; Naville 22.TextFull Size
BMC 116Cyrene, Cyrenaica AV Stater. ca 322-313 BC. Chairios, magistrate. KYPANAI-ON, Nike driving quadriga right; sun above / Zeus-Ammon seated left, holding eagle in extended right hand; thymiaterion to left; CAIRIOS (retrograde) behind. SNG Cop 1209. TextFull Size
BMC 118Cyrene, Cyrenaica AV Stater. ca 322-308 BC. Nike driving slow quadriga right / Zeus-Ammon standing left, sacrificing from phiale over thymiaterion & holding sceptre. TextFull Size
BMC 159cfCyrene, Cyrenaica. Circa 322-313 BC. AV Tenth Stater or Litra. Polianthes(?), magistrate. Head of Zeus-Ammon left; P(?) to right / Head of the nymph Kyrene right; KVP above head. Naville 123; cf. SNG Copenhagen 1214. TextFull Size
BMC 187bCyrene, Cyrenaica. 4th century BC. AE 21mm. Head of Zeus-Ammon right / Palm tree, [S?]W [_] HGR across fields. TextFull Size
BMC 202Cyrene, Cyrenaica, AE16 quarter unit. Helmeted head of Athena right / Double silphium, consisting of two plants of type III (the club-like rendition with small leaves which have narrow bases attached to the stalk) springing diagonally from a common base and sharing the lower pair of leaves and umbrels. BMC Cyrenaica, p. 46, 202-203.TextFull Size
BMC 249aCyrene, Cyrenaica, AR Didrachm. 3rd century BC. Male head left, in horn. / KY PA, Silphium plant, MYHP monogram at left, quiver at right. TextFull Size
BMC 252.1
TextFull Size
BMC 252Cyrene, Cyrenaica. Circa 300-298 BC. AR Didrachm (7.43 gm). Head of Apollo Karneios right, with ram's horn / Silphium plant; tripod to left. TextFull Size
BMC 260Cyrene, Cyrenaica AR Didrachm. ca 277-275 BC. Horned head of Apollo Karneios right / BA-SI, silphium plant; branch to left. TextFull Size
BMC 317Cyrene, Cyrenaica, AE17. Magus as Governor, c. 300-277 BC. Diademed head of Zeus-Ammon rght with Ptolomaic features / K-Y PA-K Palm tree, with small sylphium plant at lower right. BMC 317.TextFull Size
Mueller 23Cyrene, Cyrenaica. AR tetradrachm, 17.32 g. 4th century BC. Herakles standing right, left hand resting on club, facing one of the Hesperides, standing left, the apple tree between them, all within incuse square / Silphium plant. Mueller 23 (this coin); Paris 29; Mionnet 50 corr.TextFull Size
RPC 911Cyrene, Cyrenaica. L. Lollius. AE 29, 21.05g. ca 37-34 BC. Head of Zeus Ammon right; lotus-tipped sceptre before, B behind / L LOLLIOU, Curule chair; uncertain letter between legs. RPC 911. Sear, Imperators 577.TextFull Size
RPC 911(2)Cyrene, Cyrenaica. L. Lollius. AE 29, 21 g. ca 37-34 BC. Head of Zeus Ammon right; lotus-tipped sceptre before, D behind / L LOLLIOU, Curule chair; B between legs. RPC 911. Sear, Imperators 577.TextFull Size
SNGCop 1201Cyrene, Cyrenaica AV Tenth Stater. Circa 331-322 BC. Head of Karneios left; QE before / female head right. Naville 56. TextFull Size
SNGCop 1222Cyrene, Cyrenaica. ca 322-313 BC. AE 19mm. Horse running right; star above / NIKWNOS, six-spoked wheel. BMC 189, Müller 95. TextFull Size
SNGCop 1234Cyrene, Cyrenaica. AR Didrachm. Circa 322-313 BC. Head of Karneios right, with horn of Ammon / Silphium plant; cornucopiae to right. TextFull Size
SNGCop 1237Cyrene, Cyrenaica. Circa 322-313 BC. AR Didrachm (7.40 gm). Head of Kareios right, with horn of Ammon / S, SU-RA in fields, silphium plant; star in right field. TextFull Size
SNGCop 1259Cyrene, Cyrenaica. c308-277 BC. AE 18mm. Diademed head of Zeus-Ammon right, in a slight beard / KY-PA, date palm; silphium plant left, crab right. BMC 293. TextFull Size
SNGCop 1266vCyrene, Cyrenaica. ca 308-277 BC. AE 17mm. Laureate head of Apollo right / K-Y/P-A, lyre with six strings. TextFull Size
SNGCop 1276Cyrene, Koinon of Cyrenaica. ca 250 BC. AE 23mm. Diademed head of Zeus-Ammon right / K-O/I-N/O-N, silphium plant. BMC 2ff, Müller 108. TextFull Size
SNGCop 1280.1\/ TextFull Size
SNGCop 1280Cyrene, Cyrenaica. Circa 250 BC. AE 23mm. Diademed head of Zeus-Ammon / KOI-NON, silphium plant. Müller 104. TextFull Size
Svoronos 873 Cyrene, Cyrenaica. Under the Ptolemies, c221-140 BC. AE 15mm. Diademed head of Ptolemy I right / BASILEWS PTOLEMAIOU, female (Libya?) head left, cornucopiae below chin. SNG Cop 449.TextFull Size
Svoronos 873 Cyrene, Cyrenaica. Under the Ptolemies, c221-140 BC. AE 15mm. Diademed head of Ptolemy I right / BASILEWS PTOLEMAIOU, female (Libya?) head left, cornucopiae below chin. SNG Cop 449. TextFull Size
Sear #6239Cyrene, Cyrenaica, AR tetradrachm. c.480 BC, Silphium plant, fruit at each side / Silphium fruit, dolphin upward at each side, all within incuse square. Rosen 769.
Sear #6242Cyrene, Cyrenaica, 570-525 BC, AR Drachm. Two silphium fruits / Crude punch.
Sear #6299Cyrene, Cyrenaica, 331-222 BC, AR Drachm. Head of Carneius left, QEU behind / silphium plant, K - Y | P - A in fields.
Sear #6319Cyrene, Cyrenaica, AR Didrachm-Stater. 308-277 BC, Head of Karneios right / Silphium plant, KU RA in fields. BMC 52.
Sear #6345Cyrene, Cyrenaica, AE10. 4th century BC, Head of Libya right, hair in spiral curls / Gazelle standing right, KYPA above, plectrum (?) before. BMC 209.
Sear #6353Cyrene, Cyrenaica or Thasos, Thrace, AR Diobol, ca 500-463 BC. Satyr running right / quadripartite incuse square. Le Rider 4, SNG Copenhagen 191-4 (Lete).
Sear #6363Cyrene, Cyrenaica, AE24. c 250 BC, Horned head of Zeus-Ammon / KOI NON, Sylphium plant.
RPC 917Cyrene, Cyrenaica, AE26, Crassus (Consul c. 31-30 BC), 11,87 gr. KURA, Head of Libya right / KRAS, Crocodile right. RPC 917; Svoronos pl. 63, 29 = BMC 25ff.TextFull Size
RPC 943Augustus, AE24 of Cyrene, Cyrenaica. 1st c. AD. CAESAR TR POT, bare head of Augustus right / SCATO PR above and beneath chair (sella castrensis) with cushion on seat. RPC 943; SNG Cop 1320; BMC 40.TextFull Size
Syd_176Trajan AR Drachm of Cyrene, Cyrenaica, or Caesarea, Cappadocia. AUT KAIS NER TRAIAN SEB GERM, laureate head right / DHMAPC EX UPAT G, head of Zeus-Ammon right. SNG Cop 202, Metcalf p155 note. TextImage
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