Ancient Coinage of Galatia, Koinon

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RPC 3552 varTiberius, AE28 of the Koinon of Galatia. Probably struck in Pessinus. AD 21-23. TIBEΡIOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare head left / EΠI ΠΡEIΣKOY MHTHΡ ΘEΩN, Kybele sitting left on stool, holding patera, lion sitting left behind her. Var of RPC I 3552 (no lion and date GM); Wellersheim 6213 (ditto); and Grant ("The Official Coinage Of Tiberius In Galatia"), 2.Text

RPC 3554Tiberius AE19 of the Koinon of Galatia. AD 14-37. Dated local year 50, 25 or 28-30 AD. 5.55 g. TIBEΡIOΣ KAIΣAΡ ΣEBAΣTOΣ, Laureate head right. / MHTHΡ ΘEΩN ETEI N, turreted and draped bust of Kybele left. RPC I 3554; Imhoof GM 759; SNG von Aulock 5020; Franke KZR 444; SNG France III 2393-2394; Weber 3974; SNG Tuebingen 4594.TextImage
RPC 3562Nero & Poppaea AE26 of the Province of Galatia. NEΡΩNOΣ ΣEBAΣTOY, laureate head right / ΠOΠΠAIAΣ ΣEBAΣTHΣ, draped bust of Poppaea right. SNGvA 6117. TextImage
RPC 3563Nero AE23 of the Koinon of Galatia. NEΡΩNOΣ ΣEBAΣTOY, laureate head left / TO KOINON ΓAΛATΩN, tetrastyle temple with peaked root, caduceus (?) at the apex. TextImage
RPC 3565Galba. Galatia Koinon 15.1 gr, 25 mm. AD 68-69. ΓAΛBAC AVTOKΡATΩΡ KAICAΡ CEBABTOC, bare head right, owl countermark / CEΡOYIOC ΓAΛBAC CEBACTOC, MÍn standing left, holding patera. RPC 3565.TextImage
RPC 3565Galba, AE26 of Galatia, Koinon. AD 68-69. 13.49 g. ΓAΛBAC AYTOKΡATΩΡ KAICAΡ CEBACTOC, bare head right / CEΡOYIOC ΓAΛBAC CEBACTOC, MÍn standing left, wearing Phrygian cap, crescent behind shoulders, holding patera and pine-cone. RPC 3565; SNG France III, 2408-2409; Imhoof KM 1; Hunter 1.TextImage
RPC 3566Galba, AE21 of the Koinon of Galatia, AD 68-69. 6.92 gr. ΓAΛBAC CEBACTOC, bare head left, countermark: owl / CEBACTΩN, hexastyle temple, dot between the centre columns, shield in pediment. RPC I 3566; countermark Howgego 348.TextImage
BMC 11Trajan, AE30 of the koinon of Galatia. AD 98-117. Magistrate T. Pomponius Bassus. 23.42 g. AYT NEΡ TΡAIANOΣ KAIΣAΡ ΣE ΓEΡM, laureate head right. / E(ΠI ΠOMΠΩNIOY BA)ΣΣOY KOINON ΓAΛATIAΣ (clockwise from top right), Hexastyle temple of Roma and Augustus on podium with steps; dot in the centre; shield in pediment; acroteria on cornices and apex. BMC 11; Amsterdam S2707; RPC III 2873.TextImage
SNG Fitz. 5389Trajan, AE26 of the Koinon of Galatia. AD 98-117. 14.34 g. AY NEΡ TΡAIANOΣ KAIΣAΡ ΣE Γ, laureate head right. / KOINON ΓAΛATIAΣ EΠI ΠOM BAΣΣO, MÍn standing left, holding patera. SNG Fitz. 5389; Paris 59; SNG Oxford 2417; Stumpf 486-487; RPC III 2894; BMC 6-7 var (slight differences in legends).TextImage
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