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BMC 132 varPtolemy VIII Euergetes, 145-116 BC, Cyrenaica mint. 45 mm, 57.74 gr. Head of Zeus Ammon right, wearing taenia / BASILEWS PTOLEMAIOU EUERGETOU, cornucopiae, bound with a fillet. BMC 132 var (one cornucopiae); Mueller Coll. 467.TextFull Size
Didrachm Ptolemy VIII (?), AR didrachm. Uncertain Mint, probably Cypriot, possibly Phoenician. Diademed & curly haired bust right, in aegis / Crude legend, PTOLEAMIOU BASILEWS, Eagle standing right on thunderbolt. TextFull Size
SNGCop 334Ptolemy VIII AE23. 145-116 BC. Head of Alexander the Great right, clad in elephant's skin headdress / PTOLEMAIOU BASILEWS, eagle standing left on thunderbolt. TextFull Size
SNGCop 339Egypt, Ptolemy VIII, 145-116 BC, AE25. Alexandria Mint, Head of bearded Herakles right, wearing lion scalp. / PTOLEMAIU BASILEWS, eagle standing left. TextFull Size
SNGCop 660 Egypt. Ptolemy VIII, 145-116 BC. AE 27 (17.16 gm), mm. Lotus, of Cyprus, uncertain mint. Head of Zeus-Ammon / Eagle standing on thunderbolt. SNG.Cop.660v. TextFull Size
Svoronos 1226.1
TextFull Size
Svoronos 1226 Ptolemy VIII, AR didrachm. Arados Mint, struck 112/111 BC. Diademed head of Ptolemy I right, in aegis / PTOLEMAIOU BASILEWS, eagle standing on thunderbolt, P IC (or E) (Year 15) at left, E between legs. SNGCop 561. TextFull Size
Svoronos 1491 Ptolemy VIII Euergetes AE 35mm Hemidrachm. Cyprus mint. Diademed bust of Isis right / Eagle standing left on winged thunderbolt. cf. SNG Copenhagen 694. TextFull Size
Svoronos 1520 Ptolemy VIII Euergetes AR Tetradrachm. Alexandria mint, dated Year 49 (122/1 BC). Diademed bust of Ptolemy I right, in aegis / Eagle standing left on winged thunderbolt; date to left, PA to right. SNG Copenhagen 330. TextFull Size
Svoronos 1640.1
TextFull Size
Svoronos 1640 Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II (170-116 BC) AE46. Cyrene. Horned head of Ammon right, in taenia with basileion / BASILEWS PTOLEMAIOU EUERGETOU, filleted double cornucopia, F in left field. TextFull Size
AE17 Ptolemy VIII, AE17. Cyprus Mint. Diademed head of Zeus-Ammon right. / PTOLEMAIOY... ..WS, Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, lotus before. TextFull Size
AE23 Ptolemy VIII, AE23. Cyprus Mint, Diademed head of Zeus-Ammon right. / PTOLE...EWS Eagle standing left, on thunderbolt, lotus before. TextFull Size
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