Ancient Coinage of Crete, Knossos

Knossos or Cnossus, on the island of Krete / Crete

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BMC 41Knossos, Crete, AR tetradrachm, 200-67 BC. 13.85 g. Magistrate Polchos. ΠOΛ-XOΣ, laureate head of Apollo left. / KNΩ-ΣI-ΩN, circular labyrinth. BMC 41; Lockett 2018; Svoronos 96; Mionnet II, 82; Paris 2492; de Luynes 2336.TextImage
BMC 43Knossos, Crete, ca 200-67 BC. AR tetradrachm. 14.88 gr. Diademed, bearded, male head right (Zeus or Minos), hair bound in taenia / KNΩ-Σ-I-ΩN, Labyrinth. BMC 43.TextImage
Lindgren II 1722Knossos, Crete, AE20, civic issue. 308-250 BC. 4.70 g. Head of Apollo Karneios right with ram's horn. / K-N O-Σ in two lines to left and right of thunderbolt between two eight-rayed stars. Lindgren II 1722 (this coin); Svoronos 104; Imhoof 10 in RSN 1917; Hunter 22 (obv as "Zeus Ammon").TextImage
RPC 909Knossus, Crete, L. Lollius. ca 37-34 BC. Draped bust of Artemis right, quiver over shoulder / L LOLLIUS across fields, Stag standing right. ID below. RPC 909; Lindgren III A128.TextImage
RPC 914(M Licinius?) Crassus AE25 of Crete, Cnossus. ca 37-30 BC. Crocodile right / CRAS, prow right. Svoronos 1903. TextImage
Sear SG 3228Crete, Knossos. c 220 BC. Alliance between Knossos & Gortyna. AE 18mm. Europa on bull left, two dolphins below / KN-Ω-ΣI-ΩN, labyrinth of Minos; star above between the K & N. Svoronos 122, SNG Cop 378, BMC 36-38. TextImage
SNG Cop 385Crete, Knossos. Circa 200-67 BC. AE 16mm. Laureate head of Zeus right / Labyrinth. TextImage
Svoronos 40cfCrete, Knossos AR Stater. ca 330–300 BC. Female head (Ariadne or Pasiphae?) left, hair rolled, in pendant earring / Labyrinth in form of swastika, four crescents between arms, five pellets in center. Cf. Svoronos 40, pl. v, 16 (same obverse die) & 20, pl. v, 3 (reverse). TextImage
Svoronos 62Crete, Knossos AR Stater. Circa 350-200 BC. Female head right, in single-pendant earring & necklace / Labyrinth; PIB below. BMC 11, Jameson 2518, Pozzi 1969, LeRider 10. TextImage
Svoronos 70Crete, Cnossus AR Drachm. ca 330-300 BC. Head of Hera left, in necklace, earring, & stephane ornamented with palmettes / KNΩΣI, labyrinth in form of square with entrance at top, flanked by letters A—P. Traité 1548. TextImage
Svoronos 80Crete, Knossos. ca 400-350 BC. AE 13mm. Head of Hera right / KNΩ, head of Zeus right. SNG Cop 371, BMC 16. TextImage
Svoronos 88Crete, Knossos. ca 400-350 BC. AE 20mm. Laureate head of Apollo left / Zeus seated left on the Labyrinth of Minos, holding Nike in his extended right hand, left elbow resting on sceptre, monogram at knee. BMC 28. TextImage
Svoronos 104Knossos, Crete, AE20, civic issue. 308-250 BC. 3.55 g. Head of Apollo Karneios right with ram's horn. / K-N O-Σ in two lines to left and right of thunderbolt between two eight-rayed stars. Svoronos 104 (this coin); Lindgren II 1722; Imhoof 10 in RSN 1917; Hunter 22 (obv as "Zeus Ammon").TextImage
RPC 978Augustus, AE25 of Cnossus, Crete. 27 BC–14 AD. 7.62g. AVGVSTVS C N I CNOS EX D D, bare head right / AESCHINO CAES L ITER PLOTIVS PLEB IIVIR, Roma standing left, holding Victory and transverse sceptre. RO-MA across fields. RPC 978; Svoronos, Numismatique 190-191.TextImage
RPC 996Caligula & Germanicus AE21 of Knossos, Crete, C CAESAR AV GERMANICVS, laureate head right / GER CAESAR PVLCHRO III VARIO IIVIR, laureate head of Germanicus right. Svor. Crete 209. TextImage
RPC 1006Nero & Octavia AE27 of Knossos, Crete. ca 55-60 AD. NERO CLAV CAES AVG IMP LVPINO VOLVMNIO II, bare-headed, draped bust of Nero right, sceptre at shoulder / NERO CLAVD CAES AVG IMP ET OCTAVIA AVGVSTI, confronted draped bust of Claudia Octavia right, crescent above, facing bare head of Nero left, star above. RPC I 1006; Paris 802-807; Milan 1097-1098; Münster Uni 1254.TextImage
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