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BMC 1Kingdom Of Commagene: Queen Iotape, 38-72 AD. AE29. Diademed, draped bust of Iotape right / KOM MAGHNWN, scorpion within wreath. Text
BMC 4Commagene Kingdom, Jotape, wife of Antiochus IV, 38-72 AD, AE26. Partial legend: BASILISSA IWTARH FILADELFIOS, diademed bust of Jotape right / KOM MAGHNWN, scorpion in wreath. RPC 3858, SNGCop 5-6, Lindgren 1886.Text
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RPC 3706Iotape, Queen of Commagene, wife of Antiochos IV, AD 38-72. Anemurion mint. 6.38 g. BASILISSA IOTAPH, diademed, draped bust right / ANEMOURIEON, male deity, naked, standing left, holding aphlaston and sceptre. RPC I, 3706; SNG Levante 486; Lindgren III, 791.TextFull Size
RPC 3713Kingdom of Commagene, Queen Iotape, wife of Antiochos IV 38-72 AD AE 22mm. Korykos, Cilicia mint. BASILISSA IWTAPH, veiled bust of Iotape right / Apollo standing right, shooting bow. TextFull Size
RPC 3858Commagene, Kings of. Iotape, wife of Antiochos IV. 38-72 AD. AE 25mm (15.77 gm). Diademed bust of Iotape right / Scorpion within wreath. RPC 3858. TextFull Size
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