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BMC 11Syria, Kings of Commagene, Antiochos IV. 38-72 AD. AE 24mm. Diademed & draped bust right / Capricorn right; star above; anchor below; all in wreath. TextFull Size
RPC 3704Antiochus IV, King of Commagene 38-72 AD. AE 25mm. Anemurium, Cilicia, mint. Diademed & draped bust right / Artemis standing right, drawing arrow from quiver; at feet, stag right, head left. SNG Levante Supp 101. TextFull Size
RPC 3854Antiochos IV of Commagene. 29.24 mm, 11.98 gr. 38-72 AD. Commagene mint. BASILEWS MEG ANTIOCOC EPI, laureate, draped bust right, anchor countermark behind bust. / KOMMA-GHNON, scorpion, all within wreath. BMC 6; Butcher 1; RPC 3854.TextFull Size
RPC 3855Commagene, Kings of. Antiochos IV. 38-72 AD. AE 22mm. BASI MEGAS ANTIOCOS EPI, diademed & draped bust right / KOMMAGHNWN, capricorn right, star above, anchor below; all within wreath. BMC 14-15. TextFull Size
RPC 3856Antiochos IV, King of Commagene. 38-72 AD. AE28, 12.25 g. BACILEUC ANTIOCOC EPI, diademed head right / KOMMAGHNWN, Scorpion holding diadem in its claws, all within wreath. RPC I 3856; SNG Cop 2.TextFull Size
RPC 3857Kingdom of Commagene, Antiochos IV AE 26mm. Diademed head right / Scorpion within a wreath. BMC 7. TextFull Size
SGI 5507Civil Wars, Commagene, Antiochos IV, 38-72 AD, AE26. BASILEUS ME ANTIOXOS EPI Diademed bust right, two oval countermarks / KOMMAGHNWN, Scorpion, all within laurel wreath.Text
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