Ancient Coinage of Cilicia, Satraps, Pharnabazos

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Imhoof 279Tarsos, AR Obol. Time of Pharnabazos and Datames, Satraps, 379-372 BC. Bearded male head right wearing Attic helmet / Owl standing left, head facing, between two olive leaves. Imhoof KM Addit. 279 in RSN 1913.TextImage
SNG Fr 248Cilicia, Tarsos. Pharnabazos, Satrap, AR Stater. 379-374 BC. Three-quarter facing female head, head turned slightly left, in single-pendant earring & necklace / 'FRNBZW' in Aramaic right, bearded & helmeted male head (Ares?) right; monogram before. SNG von Aulock 5925 = Moysey 56a. TextImage
SNG Fr 251Cilicia, Tarsos, Pharnabazos, Satrap, AR Stater. 379-374 BC. 'BLTRZ' in Aramaic right, Baaltars seated left / 'FRNBZW' - 'HLK' in Aramaic right, bearded & helmeted male head (Ares?) left. SNG Levante 72. TextImage
SNG Fr 256Cilicia, Tarsus, Pharnabazus AR Stater. Baaltars enthroned left, holding sceptre, astragalus under throne / Helmeted head of bearded warrior left. Cf SNGvA 5927-5929. TextImage
SNG Lev 71Cilicia, Tarsos, Pharnabazos AR Stater. ca 378/7-374/3 BC. Baaltars seated left, holding lotus tipped sceptre / Bearded male head (Ares?) left, in crested Attic helmet. Moysey Issue 2, 35-38.TextImage
SNG vA 5919Pharnabazos, Tarsos, Cilicia, AR stater. 380-375. 10.74 g. Female head facing slightly left, wearing single-pendant earring and necklace / "frnbz hlk", bearded, helmeted, draped bust of satrap or Ares left, wearing crested Attic helmet. OT monogram behind head. SNG von Aulock 5919; SNG Cop 267; SNG Paris 245.TextImage
SNG vA 5923Tarsos. Pharnabazos, Satrap. 379-374 BC. AR Stater. Female head 3/4 facing, in necklace & pendant earring / Bearded head right, in crested Athenian helmet. TextImage
Ziegler 610Tarsos, Cilicia, Pharnabazos AR Obol. 379-374 BC. Head of satrap left wearing high-crested helmet / Baal seated left on stool, holding staff surmounted by lotus blossom. Ziegler Kilikien 610; Duesseldorf 8752. TextImage