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Diocletian Anokhin 735

Kingdom of Bosporus, Thothorses & Diocletian, AE Stater. BASILEWS QOQWRSOU, Bust of Thothorses right, 3 globes before / Bust of Diocletian right between tamgha and 3 globes. Anoukhin 743d; Mionnet 2, 160-162.TextFull Size
Anokhin_735Kingdom of Bosporus, Thothorses & Diocletian AE Stater. Year 586 = 289 AD. BASILEWS QOQWRSOU, diademed draped bust of king right / laureate head of Diocletian right, VPF below, tamgha before.Image
Potin_StaterBophorus, Thothorses, 279-309 AD, Potin Stater. Dated 286/7 AD. Diademed head of king right / Head of Diocletian right, GPF below.Full Size
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