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Anokhin 528Rhoemetalkos (133-154). AE 24 (8.21 g). BASILEWC ROIMHTAL[KOU], curule chair between shield and lance / Shield, axe and lance. BMC - ; Anokhin 528.TextFull Size
SNGCop 58.1
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SNGCop 58Bosporos, Kings of. Rhoemetalkes. Circa 133-154 AD. AE 48 Nummia (7.51 gm). Draped and diademed bust right; trident before / MH within wreath. Frolova pp. 149-155. TextFull Size
RPC 1708.1
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RPC 1708.2
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RPC 1708Kingdon of Thrace AE25. Jugate heads of Rhoemetalkes and Pythadorus, capricorn before / Jugate heads of Augustus and Livia. TextFull Size
Anokhin 503
Hadrian, AE20 Fourrée Stater of Bosporos. Dated Bosporan Era 429 (AD 132/3). 4.64 g. Diademed and draped bust of Rhoemetalkes right / Laureate head of Hadrian right; TKY (date) below. Cf. MacDonald 438; cf. Anokhin 503.TextFull Size
Anokhin 505 Kings of Bosporus, Rhoemetalces, with Hadrian. 131-154 AD. AV Stater. Dated BE 431 (134/5 AD). BACILEWC POMHTALKOV, diademed & draped bust of Rhoemetalces right; sceptre to right / laureate head of Hadrian right; date below. TextFull Size
Anokhin 505a Kingdom of Bosporus, Rhoemetalces with Hadrian, AV Stater. Dated 431 of the Bosporan Era = 134/5 AD. BACILEWC POIMETALKOY, diademed & draped bust of Rhoemetalkes right / Laureate head of Hadrian right; globe at point of bust, date ALY below. MacDonald 440/2. TextFull Size
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