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RPC 1907Kingdom of Bosporus, Queen Gepaepyris 12 Unit. 37-39 AD. BACILIEC HE GHPAIPVPEWC, diademed & draped bust right; IB below / Veiled bust of Aphrodite Urania right, wearing calathus; IB behind. MacDonald 306, Anokhin 326. TextClick Here
RPC 1907vKingdom of Bosporos, Queen Gepaepyris, AD 37-39, AE23 12 Nummi. BACIΛICCHC ΓHΠAIΠYPEΩC, diademed draped bust right / IB, veiled bust of Aphrodite Urania right, wearing calathus. MacDonald 306, Anokhin 326 var. TextClick Here
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