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RecGen 5A-1bisDia, Bithynia, civic issue, AE 18.4 mm. 9590 BC or 8070 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right. / ΔIAΣ beneath eagle standing half-left on thunderbolt, head turned right. HTΡ monogram in left field. RecGen 5A-1bis (Waddington's hand-written addition in the Paris BNF example of RecGen); Type Hoover HGC 453; BMC -; BMC Black Sea -; SNG France 7 -.TextFull Size
SNG BMC 1562 Bithynia, Dia AE 20mm. Circa 85-65 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / Eagle standing left, head right, on thunderbolt; monogram in left field. SNG Stancomb 805. TextFull Size
SNG vA 6930 Bithynia, Dia. Circa 85-65 BC. AE 19mm (8.10 gm). Diademed head of Zeus right / Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head reverted, monogram in left field; ΔIAΣ in exergue. TextFull Size
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