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BMC 2Divus Julius Marinus 23mm of Philippopolis, in the Arabian Decapolis. ΘEΩ MAΡINΩ, bare-headed bust right, draped on left shoulder; supported by eagle standing right, beating its wings / ΦIΛIΠΠOΠOΛITΩN KOΛΩNIAC S-C, Roma standing left, holding patera in right hand, spear in left, shield at feet right. Spijkerman 2, SNG ANS 1402. TextFull Size
Spijkerman 3Philip I AE28 mm of Philippopolis in Arabia. AVTOK K M IOVΛI ΦIΛIΠΠOC CEB, Laureate bust right / ΦIΛIΠΠOΠOΛITΩN KOΛONIAC, Roma seated left. S-C across fields.TextImage
Spij 6Philip II AE28 of Philippopolis. AVTOK K M IOVΛI ΦIΛIΠΠOC CEB, laureate head right / ΦIΛIΠΠOΠOΛITΩN KOΛONIAC, Roma seated left on round shield, holding trophy and spear. S-C across fields.TextImage
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