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SB 614Theodosius. 590-602 AD. AR Half Siliqua 14mm, 0.44 g. Light weight issue. Carthage mint. Struck 597-602. Crowned, draped, and cuirassed bust facing / AME-NITA-S DEI in three lines; all within beaded border within wreath. DOC 305; MIBE 60; SB 614.TextImage

SB 615
Theodosius, son of Maurice. 590-602 AD. AR Half Siliqua, 0.57 gm. Carthage. DN TEODOSIVS PP A, crowned, draped, cuirassed bust of Theodosius facing / Crowned facing busts of Maurice and Constantia, long cross between them, small crossed (sometimes dots) in fields to left and right. DOC I 307; MIB II 60; SB 615.TextImage
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