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Theodora (Jan. 1055-Aug. 1056) was the only surviving member of the Macedonian dynasty founded by Basil I, and ruled as sole empress for over a year after the death of Constantine IX.
Zacos 82aTheodora Lead Seal +EMMA—NOVHL, bust of Christ Emmanuel, bearded, facing; nimbus cross behind head with five dots in each limb of cross; wears chiton & himation; right hand half-raised in benediction; holding book of the Gospels with jeweled cover in left hand; IC-XC to right and left / +QEODWPA AVG—OV—CTA H DOVE, bust of Theodora facing; wearing crown with pendants and three triangular projections, chiton with high jeweled collar, divitision, circular shoulder-piece and loros; holding trefoil-tipped sceptre and half-raising left hand. TextImage

SB 1837
Theodora. 1055-1056 AD. AV Histamenon (4.40 gm). Constantinople. IhS XIS REX REGNANTINM, Christ standing facing on footstool / +QEODORA AVGOVCA, Theodora and Mary standing, holding labarum between them; pellet and triangle on labarum shaft. DOC III 1b; SB 1837.Text


SB 1838Theodora. 1055-1056 AD. AV Tetarteron Nomisma (3.93 gm). Bust of Christ, holding Gospels; IC XC to left and right / +QEO­W AVGOVC, crowned bust of Theodora, holding jewelled sceptre and cross on globe. DOC III 2; BN 5-10; SB 1838.TextImage
SB 1839Theodora. 1055-1056 AD. AR two-thirds Miliaresion. 1.35g. Bust of Mary facing, hands outstretched, nimbate, MH-QV to left and right / +QKE - ROHQEI - QEODQRA - AECPOINH - THPORFV - POGENN - TW in seven lines within double border. DO 3; Sear 1839.TextImage