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SB 2544Andronicus IV Palaeologus, usurper, AR Stavraton. 1376-1379 AD, 8.59 gr. IC-XC, facing bust of Christ, with crossed nimbus; fleur de lis to left and right, all within beaded border surrounded by an outer border of eight stars alternating with dots / + ANDRONIKOC DECPOTIC O PALEOLOGOC and QV XAPITI BACILEVC TwN RWMAIO in two circles around nimbate and crowned facing bust of Andronicus. Sear 2544; LPC 1; PCPC 323.3.TextFull Size
SB 2545Andronicus IV Palaeologus AR one-eighth Stavraton. Constantinople, 1376-1379 AD. 0.64 gr. IC-XC, Christ seated facing on throne with high back, cross nimbate, holding book of gospels / ANDRON I [KO]CA, Andronicus standing facing, wearing stemma with pendilia and loros, holding patriarchal cross. PCPC 325; Sear 2545.TextFull Size
SB 2547Andronicus IV. 1376-1379 AD. AE Tornese, 2.38 gr, Constantinople. Andronicus and St. Demetrios on horseback riding right / ANDRONIKOV DECPOTOV around PALG Palaeologan monogram. Sear 2547.TextFull Size