Sear Roman Coins and their Values (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 256

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Ref Marcia 18c denarius

C. Censorinus AR Denarius. 88 BC. Jugate heads of Numa Pompilius and Ancus Marcius right / two horses galloping right, rider on near one, fractional sign below horses, C CENSO in ex.


Ref Marcia 18a denarius

C Censorinus AR Denarius. 88 BC. Rome mint. Jugate heads of Numa Pompilius, bearded & in diadem, & Ancus Marcius, without beard, right / C. CENSO in exergue, Desultor riding one of two horses galloping right, in conical cap, holding whip in right hand; two birds below. Cr346/1d; Syd 713a.


Ref Marcia 18d denarius

C. Censorinus denarius. 86BC. Jugate heads of Numa Pompilius and Ancus Marcius; o behind / 2 horses galloping right, one with rider carrying a whip; dolphin below. Crawford 346/1b; Syd 713e.


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Ref Marcia 18e denarius



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