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Servilia 1
sear5 #116
C. Servilius M.f. Denarius. 136 BC. Winged, helmeted head of Roma right, surmounted by head of an eagle, wreath and star behind, ROMA below / the Dioscuri galloping in opposite directions, C SERVEILI M F in ex. Syd 525, Cr239/1. (5 examples)
Servilia 6
sear5 #140
C Servilius Vatia Denarius. 127 BC. Winged, helmeted head of Roma right, lituus behind, ROMA below, star under chin / C•SERVEIL beneath two horseman galloping left, one looking back wielding a sword and being speared by the other who holds a round shield inscribed with an M. Cr264/1, Syd 483. (2 examples)
Servilia 7C. Servilius Vatia Restoration, AR denarius. 82-80 BC. 3.48g. Laureate head of Apollo right; lituus and B behind, mark of value below chin (XVI monogram) / Battle between two mounted horsemen, the one on the left armed with a sword, the other with spear, his shield inscribed M, C SERVEIL in ex.Text

Servilia 13
sear5 #206
M Servilius Cf Denarius. 100 BC. Head of Roma right, Greek letter behind / two warriors in a sword fight, horses behind, M•SERVILI•C•F, Latin letter below. Cr327/1; Syd 602. (6 examples)
Servilia 14,BrockageP Servilius Mf Rullus Brockage Denarius. 100 BC. Helmeted bust of Minerva left, in aegis / Incuse of obverse. TextImage
Servilia 14
sear5 #207
P Servilius Mf Rullus Denarius. 100 BC. Bust of Minerva left, wearing crested helmet and aegis, RVLLI behind / Victory in biga right holding palm, P below horses, P SERVILI M F in ex. Cr328/1; Syd 601. (16 examples)
Servilia 14vP Servilius Mf Rullus AR Denarius. 100 BC Rome. Bust of Minerva left, in crested Corinthian helmet & aegis, RVLL behind (only RVLLI is listed in major refs) / Victory driving leaping biga right, holding palm; control letter P below horses, P.SERVILLI.M.F in ex. TextObv-Rev
Servilia 15
sear5 #380
C Servilius Cf Denarius. 52 BC. FLORA PRIMVS, head of Flora right wearing wreath of flowers, lituus behind / Two warriors face to face with shields & swords; C F to right, C SERVEIL in ex. Cr423/1; Syd 890. (8 examples)
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