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Matiena 2Matiena, AR denarius. 179-170 BC. Head of Roma right, X behind head / The Dioscuri riding right; MAT monogram below, ROMA in exergue. Crawford 162/2a; Sydenham 320; Matiena 2; Sear 68.TextImage
Matiena 4
sear5 #685
Matienus, AE as, (21.57g) c. 179-170 BC, Laureate head of Janus right, I above. / Prow right, MA above, I before, [R]OMA below. Cr162/3. (2 examples)
Matiena 5Matiena, AE Semis. Roman Republican. 179-169 BC. Laureate head of Jupiter right, S behind head / MAT monogram above prow right, S in right field, ROMA in exergue. Matiena 5; RRC 162/4; Sear 821; CRR 321B.TextImage
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