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Acilia 1
sear5 #147
Man Acilius Balbus. 125 BC. AR Denarius. BALBVS ROMA, Helmeted head of Roma right; X before, all within laurel wreath / MN ACILI beneath Jupiter and Victory in fast quadriga right; Macedonian shield at lower right. Cr271/1; Syd 498. (4 examples)
Acilia 4
sear5 #131
M. Acilius M.f. 130 BC. Denarius. M.ACILIVS.M.F within two dotted lines around helmeted head of Roma within two dotted circles, star behind head / ROMA beneath Hercules, holding club and trophy, in walking quadriga right. Crawford 255/1; Syd 511; Acilia 4. (5 examples)
Acilia 5M. Acilius M.f. AE Semis. 130 BC, 8.84 g. Laureate head of Saturn right, S behind head. / M·ACILI, prow right, S to right, ROMA below. Acilia 5; Sydenham 512; Crawford 255/2.TextImage
Acilia 6M. Acilius M.f. AE Triens. Rome, 130 BC. Helmeted head of Minerva right, four dots behind head. / M ACILI above prow right, four dots to right, ROMA below. Acilia 6; Crawford 255/3.TextImage
Acilia 7M. Acilius M.f. AE Quadrans. 130 BC, 2.61 g. Head of Hercules right, wearing lionskin headdres, three dots behind head. / M·ACILI, prow right, three dots to right, ROMA below. Acilia 7; Sydenham 512b; Crawford 255/4.TextImage
Acilia 8
sear5 #412
Man Acilius Glabrio Denarius. 49 BC. SALVTIS, head of Salus right / MN ACILIVS III VIR VALETV, Salus standing left, holding serpent and resting left elbow on a column. Syd 922, Cr442/1a. Note: The part of the reverse legend on the right can be either circular (Acilia 8, Cr442/1a) or vertical (Acilia 8a, Cr442/1b). (One example)
Acilia 8a
sear5 #412
Man. Acilius Glabrio. 49 BC. AR Denarius. SALVTIS, laureate head of Salus right / MN ACILIVS III VIR VALETV, Valetudo standing left, leaning against column and holding serpent. Cr442/1b; Syd 922. (One example)
Bahrfeldt 8Mn Acilius, quaestor in Sicily, AE ca 208-200 BC. 19 mm, 4.58 g. Head of Asklepios right, hair bound in a taenia. / MAN ACILI, serpent-entwined staff. Bahrfeldt 8; Hoover HGC 178.TextImage
Bertolami 73, 370Manlius Acilius, quaestor in Sicily, AE ca 208-200 BC. 18.5 mm, 3.61 g. Laureate head of Asklepios or Zeus right, spear-head in upper right field. / MAN ACILI, serpent-entwined staff. Obverse var of Bahrfeldt 8; Hoover HGC 178 etc (with head of Asklepios, not laureate and no spear-head). Possibly an ancient imitation?. Bertolami 73, 370.TextImage
Calciati 73Mn Acilius, quaestor in Sicily, AE Semis, ca 200-190 BC. 22 mm, 8.15 g. Laureate head of Zeus right. / MAN ACILI to right of eagle standing front, head right, wings spread. Calciati I 73; Bahrfeld 7; Hoover HGC 177; BMC 2.TextImage
SNG ANS 599Mn Acilius, quaestor in Sicily, AE As, ca 200-190 BC. 20 mm, 5.67 g. Laureate head of Janus; I above. / MAN ACILI Q, in three lines within wreath; star pattern of dots above. SNG ANS 599; Calciati I 71; BMC Sicily 1; Bahrfeld 5; SNG Cop 1037; Hoover HGC 1690.TextImage
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