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RIC 30Cornelia Supera AR Antoninianus. CORNEL SVPERA AVG, diademed, draped bust right, resting on crescent / VESTA, Vesta standing left, holding patera and sceptre. RSC 5. TextImage
RIC 31Cornelia Supera, Billon antoninianus. COR SVPERA AVG, draped bust right, on crescent / IVNONO AVG, Juno seated left, holding flower and infant in swaddling clothes. RIC 31; RSC 3.TextImage
SNG Lev. 1792
Cornelia Supera AE20 of Cilicia, Aegeae. 253 AD. (GAI KORNH) CO(UPERA CEB), diademed & draped bust right / AIGEAIWN NEW(K NAUAR .. QQS), QU (date) in ex. Distyle temple with eagle standing within, wings spread. TextImage
Helios 5, 406
Cornelia Supera, AE of Parium in Mysia, 253 AD. 5.33 g. G CORN SVPERA AVG, diademed, draped bust right / C G I H P, she-wolf standing right, looking back, suckling Romulus and Remus. Unpublished for Cornelia. cf SNG Cop 309 for Salonina. Helios 5, lot 406. TextImage
SNGFr 1519
Cornelia Supera, C CORN SVPERA AVG, draped bust right / CGIHP, capricorn right, globe between forelegs, cornucopiae behind back. SNG von Aulock 7448.Text

Vagi 2261
Cornelia Supera, AE20 of Parium, Mysia. G CORN SVPERA, diademed and draped bust right / DEO AES SVB, Asklepios seated right, helping bull, CCIHP in exergue. TextImage