Ancient Coinage of Syrtica, Sabratha

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RPC 821Sabratha, Syrtica, AE21, struck under Tiberius. AD 14-37. SBRT'N (in Punic script), Head of Dionysos left; GD SY (in Punic script) behind head / Capricorn leaping right over rudder, globe between its forelegs, cornucopiae over shoulder. RPC 821; SNG Cop. 43.TextImage
RPC 822Syrtica, Sabratha AE20. Time of Augustus & Tiberius. Serapis standing facing, holding spear; crescent to right, Punic inscription to left / Capricorn right, with crescent, rudder & globe. TextImage
RPC 819Augustus 29mm of Sabratha, Syrtica. GD and RS, magistrates. CAESAR (...), radiate head right, lituus before, all within laurel wreath / Neo-Punic "SBRT'N" to left, "GD RS" to right, laureate head of Ba'al-Melqart right; c/m: Punic monogram within incuse rectangle. SNG Copenhagen 38 [c/m: Howgego 698.]TextImage
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