Ancient Coinage of Spain, Italica

Italica, modern Santiponce, sear Seville, Spain

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RPC 60Augustus AE27 As of Spain, Italica. PERM AVG MUNIC ITALIC, bare head right / GEN POP ROM, personification of the People of Rome standing left, wearing toga & holding patera, globe with crosshatching to the left.TextImage
RPC 66Augustus and Livia, AE of Italica, Spain. Struck under Tiberius. 14-37 AD, AE34, 27.91 gr. PERM AVG DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER, radiate head left, star above, thunderbolt before / IVLIA AVGVSTA MVN ITALIC, Livia seated left, holding sceptre and branch. RPC 66.TextImage
RPC 65Tiberius AE29 of Italica, Spain. TI CAESAR AVGVSTVS PONT MAX IMP, bare head right / MVNIC ITALIC PERM DIVI AVG, altar inscribed PROIDENTIAE AVGVSTI. Burgos 1250.TextImage
RPC 71Drusus AE Semis of Italica, Spain. Struck under Tiberius. DRVSVS CAESAR, bare head right / MVNIC ITALIC, aquila & vexillum between two signa, PER AVG at base. Burgos 1252TextImage
RPC 70Germanicus, Caesar, AE23 of Italica, Spain. Bare head left / Aquila between two signa; PI R/AV G across field. SNG Copenhagen 418.TextImage