Ancient Coinage of Spain, Colonia Romula

RPC 73

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RPC 73Divus Augustus and Livia, AE32 Dupondius of Colonia Romula, Spain. 23.44 gr. Struck after AD 16. DIVI AVG COL ROM PERM, Radiate head of Divus Augustus right; six-rayed star above, thunderbolt to right / IVLIA AVGVSTA GENETRIX ORBIS, Head of Livia left, set on globe, crescent above. RPC 73; Sear (1988) 551; Vives pl. CLXVII, 2; Burgos 1587; SNG Cop. 421.TextImage
RPC 73Tiberius AE 32mm of Colonia Romula (Seville), Spain. COL ROM PERM DIVI AVG, Radiate head of Augustus right, his head surmounted by a star; thunderbolt before / Head of Livia left on globe; her head surmounted by a crescent. Burgos 1587.TextImage
RPC 74Tiberius AE 28mm of Colonia Romula (Seville), Spain. COL ROM PERM DIVI AVG, laureate head of Tiberius left / CAESAR GERMANICVS CAESAR DRVSVS, confronted heads of Germanicus & Drusus. Burgos 1588.TextImage
RPC 75Germanicus, AE23 Semis, Colonia Romula, Spain. 6.43 g. GERMANICVS CAESAR TI AVG F, bare head left. / PERM AVG COL ROM, Circular shield in laurel wreath. RPC 75; Burgos 2017; Sear 352.TextImage