Ancient Coinage of Spain, Celsa

Colonia Victrix Julia Lepida, Celsa after 36 BC, in Terraconensis, Spain

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Burgos 2306Celsa, Hispania, AE Semis. 18 mm, 4.58 gr. Male head right, caduceus behind head / CESE in Iberian script beneath horse pacing right. Burgos 2306.TextImage
RPC 262Lepida-Celsa. Triumviral Period. Circa 44-36 BC. AE As. Winged bust of Victory right; palm over shoulder / Bull standing right. Villaronga pg. 224, 20. TextImage
RPC 263Spain, Lepida-Celsa AE 31mm. Triumval period, ca 44-36 BC. COL.VIC.IVL.LEP, diademed and draped female bust (Venus?) right / PR.II.VIR I.NEP.SVR, bull standing right. Villaronga 21. TextImage
RPC 264Spain, Celsa AE3. Time of the Second Triumverate, ca 44-36 BC. COL VIC IVL LEP, head of Mars right wearing crested helmet / PR II VIR I NEP L SVR, bull standing right. TextImage
Sear 22Celsa, Hispania. AE As. 30 mm, 16.57 gr. 120-50 BC. Male head right, three dolphins around head / CASY, rider on horseback right. Sear Greece 22; Heiss 1-3.TextImage
RPC 269Octavian, AE32, (14.39g) Celsa, Spain, COL V I CELSA VIR Bare head right. / L POMPE BVCCO Bull standing right, L CORNEFRONT RPC 269; Burgos 611.TextImage
RPC 270Spain, Celsa. Augustus. 27BC-14AD. AE 30mm. C V I CELSA AVGVSTVS, bare head right, all within wreath / L COR TER II VIR M IVN HISP, bull standing right, head facing. TextImage
RPC 271Augustus AE As Lepida-Celsa, Tarraconensis. AVGVSTVS DIVI F, bare head right / C V I CEL L SVRA L BVCCO IIVIR, bull standing right.TextImage
RPC 273Augustus, AE28 (as) of Lepida-Celsa, Spain, (g) AVGVSTVS DIVI F Laureate head right / L BAGGIO D V ICEL MVNFESTO Bull standing right, II VIR before.TextImage
RPC 276Augustus, Celse, AE Quadrans 2,69 gr. 16,5 mm. AVGVSTVS DIVI F R, laureate head right / (L AVF)ID PANSA (SEX POMP NIGRO) around, C.V.I. CEL in centre. RPC 276.TextImage
RPC 278Augustus AE27 (As) of Lepida-Celsa, Spain. 5-3 BC. IMP CAESAR DIVI F AVGVSTVS COS XII, laureate head right / CN DOMITI C POMPEIO II VIR C V I CEL, bull standing right. Burgos 617.TextImage
RPC 279Tiberius, AE of Celsa, Spain, Duumviri Baggius Fronto and Gnaeus Bucco. 11.62 g. TI CAESAR AVGVSTVS, laureate head right / C V I CEL II VIR BAGG FRON CN BVCCO around bull standing right. RPC 279; SNG Cop. 542.TextImage