Ancient Coinage of Phoenicia, Caesarea-ad-Libanum

[Lindgren I 2285 of Antoninus Pius]

Caesarea on the Libanum, on the coast of northern Phoenicia.

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Lindgren 2285Antoninus Pius AE 22mm of Caesarea ad Libanum, Phoenicia. Year 467 (155/156 AD). AVT KAI TI AIΛ ANTON..., laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / KAISARIAC ΛIBANΩY, ZXY, soldier standing left, holding standard and bow. SNG Cop 149. TextImage
Paris 1975,24Antoninus Pius, AE20 of Caesarea ad Libanum, Phoenicia. 138-161 AD. AVT KAI T AIL ANTONEINOC, laureate head right / (from centre left) KAICAREWN TWN EN TWN LIBA A around and beneath half-figure of river-god left, holding wreath and cornucopiae. Date ZXY in fields. Paris 1975/24; cf RPC online 6770 (same obv. die, different date on rev.); Rouvier -; Imhoof -; Mionnet. TextImage
Rouvier 728Marcus Aurelius AE14 of Caesarea ad Libanon, Phoenicia. AD 149-150. Dated local year 461. 8.72 g. AYΡHΛIOC KAI CEB EYCEYC, bare head right / KAICAΡEIAC ΛIBANOY, turreted and draped bust of Tyche right. Date AZ-V across fields. Rouvier 728; Mionnet V, 141.TextImage
Rouvier 736Elagabalus AE24 of Caesarea ad Libanum in Phoenicia. Laureate, draped bust right / COL CESARIA LIB, Marsyas standing right holding wineskin, date AL-F (Seleucid year 531; 219-220 A.D.) in fields. Rouvier 736. TextImage
Lindgren 2288Severus Alexander AE25 of Phoenicia, Caesarea ad Libanum. Radiate bust right / tetrastyle , with pediment, central arch and wings; in central shrine, Astarte facing and crowned by male figure; in each wing stands female deity with raised hands.TextImage
Rouvier 738 varSeverus Alexander, AE24 of Caesarea ad Libanum, Phoenicia. AD 221-222. Dated local year 533. ..ALEXANDROS CAISAR, laureate head right / COL CE SA..ITVR, tetrastyle temple with stairways to left and right, male figure crowned by Nike within. River-god swimming between the stairs. Date ΓΛΦ below. Rouvier 738 var.TextImage
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