Ancient Coinage of Palestine, Gaba

Gaba or Gabaa: a city at the foot of Mount Carmel, between Ptolemais and Caesarea, founded by Herod the Great as a settlement for retired cavalrymen. Modern day el Harithiye or Tell el-Amir.

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SNG ANS 900Hadrian AE26mm of Gaba, Palestine. Dated year 177 = 116/7 CE. AVT KAICAΡ AΔΡIANOC CEB, laureate head right / KΛAYΔI ΓABHNΩN, date ZOP to right, Nike walking left, holding wreath & trophy. Rosenberger 9TextImage
SNG ANS 903Hadrian and Sabina, AE26 of Gaba, Palestine, 15.0g. A[Y KA] TΡ AΔΡIANOC C, laureate draped cuirassed bust of Hadrian right / CABEINA CEBA ΓABH, draped bust of Sabina right. Mionnet V, 32; Moustier 1311; SNG ANS 6, 903.TextImage
SGI 1316Sabina AE18 of Gaba, Palestine. CABEINA CEBAC, diademed draped bust right / KΛAY ΓABHNωN, the god MÍn standing facing, holding sceptre. Rosenberger 13.TextImage
Mionnet 30Plotina, AE18 of Gaba, Palestine. Dated 171 AD.ΠΛΩTEINA CEBACTH, draped bust right / KΛAY ΦI ΓABHNΩN, Male figure (MÍn?) standing left, holding spear, left hand on hip. Date AOP in lower right field. Mionnet 5, 30.TextImage
RPC online 8592Antoninus Pius AE29 of Gaba, Palestine. AD 138-161. 18.42 g. Dated local year 217 (AD 156). AYT KAIC ANTωNINOC CEB EYC, laureate head right / ΓABHNωN ZIC, Tetrastyle temple with rounded pediment with statue of Tyche, kalathos on head, standing left within, holding sceptre and cornucopiae; to right, Nike standing right on column, crowning Tyche. BMC 1931-6-3-25; RPC Online 8592.TextImage
SNG ANS 904Antoninus Pius AE 25mm of Gaba, Palestine. Dated CY 217 (156/7 CE). AVT KAIC ANTΩNEINOC CEBAC, laureate head right / ΓABANωN ZIC, the god MÍn standing left, holding sceptre; star & crescent above, date to right. Hendin -.TextImage
Rosenberger 16Commodus AE22 of Gaba, Palestine. Dated Year 245 (184-185 A.D.). Laureate head right / the god Men standing left.TextObv-Rev