Ancient Coinage of Cilicia, Casae

The exact location of ancient Casae in unknown, but there is a theory that it could be the modern-day Beysehir.

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SNG Levante 301Maximus, Caesar, AE25 of Cilicia, Casae. Γ IOY OYHΡ MAZIMO-C KAIC, draped & cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / KACATΩN, soldier standing left, holding shield and spear. TextImage
SNG Lev. 2099Maximus, AE of Casae, Cilicia. Γ IOYΛ OYHΡOC MAXIMOC KAICAΡ, bare bust right / KACATΩN, Tyche standing left holding rudder and cornucopiae. SNG Lev. 299; Ziegler, Münzen Kilikiens.. 1517; Lindgren I A1465B.TextImage
Waddington 4199Otacilia Severa, AE25 of Casae, Cilicia. AD 244-249. 9.23 g. M ΩTAKIΛIA CEOYHΡA CEB, draped bust right, wearing stephane. / KACATΩN, Herakles standing left, looking right, holding club and apples of the Hesperides; lionskin draped over left arm. Waddington 4199; SNG France II 530; Paris 351; SNG Levante Supp. 40.TextImage
SNG von Aulock 5612Philip II Caesar, AE 29mm of Casae, Cilicia. AD 244-247. MAΡKON IOYΛION CEYHΡON ΦIΛIΠΠON KAICAΡA, bare-headed, , draped and cuirassed bust right. / KACATWN, Hades in quadriga left, abducting Persephone, Hermes to left, guiding the quadriga; torch and cantharus below. SNG Levante 306; SNG von 5612; Waddington 4200; Paris 352; SNG France II, 531; Imhoof KM 3; SNG Cop 75.TextImage
SNG Lev. 310Valerian I, Casae, Cilicia, Ae 31, 16.50 g. AVT KAI ΠO ΛI OVAΛEΡIANΩN CEBA, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right, value mark IA before / KACATΩN, Herakles standing left, looking right, holding club, apple and lionskin. SNG Levante 310 (this coin); SNG Righetti 1527.TextImage
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