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(1025-1028 AD) An ineffective leader, Constantine VIII left the affairs of state to his court favourites to deal with. He was succeeded by his daughter's husband.

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SB 1815
Constantine VIII. 1025-1028. AV Histamenon Nomisma 4.42 gm. +IhS XIS REX REGNANTINM (or similar), bust of Christ facing wearing nimbus cross with two crescents in its upper quarters, holding book of gospels and raising right hand, triple border / +CWNSTANTIN bASILEVS ROM (or similar), crowned bust of Constantine VIII facing, with long beard, wearing loros, holding labarum (sometimes with dot on shaft) and akakia, triple border. DOC 1; SB 1815.Text


SB 1818Constantine VIII, Class A3 anonymous follis, 9-10g. 1025-1028 AD. IC-XC to right and left of bust of Christ facing with nimbus cross behind head, 2 dots in each limb of the cross, holding book of gospels with dot in centre of the book's border / +IhSUS XRISTUS bASILEU bASILE in four lines. SB 1818.TextImage