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William III (William of Orange), a staunch protestant, was invited to "invade" Britain in order to depose the Catholic James I. He arrived on 5 November 1688, James was deposed and William and Mary became joint sovereigns. His victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 is still commemorated by the Orange Order.

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Peck 682 William III. Pattern Silver Farthing, 1699. Peck 682. TextImage
Seaby 3456 William III AV 5 Guineas, 1701. Seaby 3456; Fr-310.
Seaby 3457William III. Two Guineas, 1701. S-3457; Fr-310.
Seaby 3460 William III Guinea, 1700. S.3460; Fr-309; KM-498.1. Second laureate Bust. Human-shaped harp on shield.
Seaby 3463 William III AV Guinea. GVLIEMVS III DEI GRATIA, laureate bust right / MAG BR FRA ET HIB REX 17-01, crowned cruciform coat-of-arms around arms of Orange, crossed sceptres in the angles.
Seaby 3470William III AR Crown. OCTAVO & dated 1696. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / Crowned cruciform shields. ESC 89.
Seaby 3472William III AR Crown, 3rd bust, AD 1696. GVLIELMVS III DEI GRA, laureate, draped bust right over a breastplate with horizontal neck line / MAG BR FRA ER HIB REX and date 1696, Edge: TRICESIMO, crowned cruciform shields of England, Ireland, Scotland and France with lion rampant in the centre. SE 3472.TextImage
Seaby 3473William III Silver Crown, 1697. S-3473. Third draped bust. 2nd harp. NONO regnal year edge.
Seaby 3474William III Silver Crown, 1700. S-3474. Third bust. DVODECIMO edge, the standard regnal year.
Seaby 3494William III AR Halfcrown. Dated 1700. First bust right / Cruciform crowned coats-of-arms around Nassau lion; first harp. Edge: DECVS...DVODECIMO. ESC 561.
Seaby 3498William III AR Halfcrown. London mint. Dated DECIMO & 1698. Laureate, draped, & cuirassed First bust right / Crowned cruciform coat-of-arms around arms of Orange; plain quarters. ESC 554.
Seaby 3507William III Shilling, 1697. S.3507; ESC-1102. Third bust.
Seaby 3516William III Shilling, 1700. S.3516; ESC-1121A. Fifth bust. Small round O's in date.
Seaby 3520 William III Sixpence, 1696. S.3520; ESC-1533; KM-484.1. First bust.
Seaby 3526 William III Sixpence, 1696 Y. S.3526; ESC-1539; KM-484.7. First bust. York mint.
Seaby 3528 William III Sixpence, 1697. S.3538; ESC-1566. Third bust.
Seaby 3538 William III. Sixpence, 1697. S-3538; ESC-1566; KM-496.1. Haymarking.
Seaby 3542William III. Silver Sixpence, 1697. S-3542. Third bust. One of the most common of the earlier milled coinages, struck in large numbers.
Seaby 3546 William III. Sixpence, 1698. S.3546; ESC-1575; 496.9. Third bust. Plumes in reverse angles.
Seaby 3547 William III. AR Sixpence, 1699. S.3547; ESC-1578; KM-496.10. Third bust. Roses in reverse angles.
Seaby 3557 William III. AR Farthing, 1696. S.3557.
Seaby 3558William III. Pattern Silver Farthing. GILIELMVS TERTIVS, laureate, draped bust right / BRITANNIA 1699, Britannia seated left, holding branch and sceptre, resting left arm on shield. Seaby 3558; Peck 682.TextObv-Rev
Seaby 3558William III Proof silver Farthing, 1698. Peck 680. Type as S-3558, second issue with a dot after the date.
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