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Elias 8 Richard I, the Lion-Hearted, Billon Denier of Poitou. 1189-1199. King Richard around cross / City name. Elias 8; Thomsen collection 3057.TextImage
Seaby 1347Richard I Short Cross Canterbury Cut AR Halfpenny, 20mm. Moneyer Goldwine Class 3. HEN [RICVS] REX, Facing bust with sceptre / [GOLDW] INE dot ON dot C, short voided cross with four pellets in each quarter. Seaby 1347.TextImage
Seaby #1348CRichard I, 1189-1199, AR Short Cross Penny. London mint. + hENRICVS REX, crowned bust facing, holding sceptre / WILLELM ON LVN, short cross with four pellets in each angle.
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