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Mary Tudor, the eldest daughter of Henry VIII and a staunch Catholic pursued and burned hundreds (some historical documents say thousands) of Protestants and cemented her Catholicism by marrying Philip II of Spain. She died barren, alone and despised and was succeeded - to the great joy of most of the populace - by Elizabeth I. Mary Queen of Scots, unwanted in her native Scotland after the murder of her husband, was kept a prisoner in England, constantly involved in plots against Elizabeth and was finally executed for initiating a plot to have England invaded by the Spanish to place herself on the English throne.

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Seaby #2488 Mary AV 'Fine' Sovereign of 30 Shillings. Dated 1553. Fr-192. MARIA (mintmark pomegranate) : D' : G' : ANG : FRA : Z : hIB : REGINA : M : D : LIII, queen enthroned facing, holding fleur-de-lis tipped sceptre & globus cruciger, portcullis below / A : DRO (pomegranate) EACIV : ESI : ISIV : Z : ESI
Seaby #2492England, Mary (Bloody Mary), 1553-1554, AR Groat (23mm). MARIA D G ANG FRA Z HIB REGI, crowned bust left / VERITAS TEMPORIS FILIA, long cross fourchee over royal shield.
Seaby #5396Mary Queen of Scots AV 22 Shillings. James, Earl of Arran, as Regent & Governor of Scotland. Dated 1553. MARIA• D• G• R• SCOTORVM, crowned coat-of-arms; I G at sides / +DILIGITE IVSTICIAM 1553, crowned monogram; cinquefoils at sides. Burns 814(1) var.
Seaby #5425Scotland, Mary 1542-1567. AR Ryal. Fourth period, married to Henry Darnley. Dated 1566. •MARIA•&•HENRIC9•DEI•GRA•R•&•R•SCOTORV•, crowned coat-of-arms flanked by thistles / (thistle)• EXVRGAT•DEVS•&•DISSIPENTR:INIMCI•E9•, crowned palm tree with DAT GLORIA VIRES on banner; date across field.
Seaby 6495Mary "Bloody Mary", AR shilling, Irish issue., 1553. Lis mintmark. MARIA D G ANG FRA Z HIB REGINA, crowned and draped bust left wearing necklace with cross pendant / VERITAS TEMPORIS FILIS M D LIII, crowned harp between crowned M-R. Seaby 6495.TextImage
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