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Seaby #2187Henry VII, 1485-1509 AV Angel. HENRIC x DI x GRA x REX : ANGL : Z : FRANC, Archangel Michael slaying dragon / PER x CRVCE x TVA x SATVA x NOS x XPER x REDE, ship over waves, bearing shield, mast in form of cross above with h & rose to sides. Fr 151.
Seaby 2199Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Groat (2.91 gm). Class IIIc, struck 1502-1504. London mint. Crowned bust facing; mintmark: greyhound / CIVITAS LONDON, long cross. North 1705c.
Seaby 2210Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Halfgroat (1.51 gm). Class III, struck 1490-1500. Canterbury mint. Crowned bust facing; mintmark: tun / CIVITAS CANTOR*, long cross. North 1712.
Seaby 2211Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Halfgroat. Canterbury mint, mm: tun. Archbishop Morton. Joint issue, 1498-1499. Crowned bust facing / Long cross voided with trefoil in each angle. North 1720.
Seaby 2239Henry VII London Mint Long Cross Halfpenny. Silver, 0.28 gr; 12.33 mm. Class I, Open Crown; 1485-1500 AD. HENRIC DEI GRA REX, facing bust with open crown, Lis/Rose mintmark / CIVITAS LONDON in the four quarters of a long cross with three pellets in each quarter. S. 2239; N.1732; Withers 1A.TextImage
Seaby 2245Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Halfpenny (0.42 gm). Class IIIc, struck 1505-1509. London mint. Crowned bust facing; mintmark: pheon / CIVITAS LONDON, long cross. North 1735.
Seaby 2258Henry VII AR Groat. Profile issue, 1505-1509. London mint. (pheon) HENRIC' x VII x DI x GRA x REX x AGL x Z x F', crowned bust right / (pheon) POSVI DEV' : AVDITORE : MEV', long cross over arms. North 1747.
Seaby 2261Henry VII (1485-1509) silver Half Groat. Martlet mm (struck 1504-09, mintmark used at both Canterbury & York mints). (martlet) HENIC x VII x DI x GRA x REX x ANGL x Z x, crowned, draped bust right / (martlet) POSVI DEV * DIVTOR ET MEV, shield quartered by long cross.
Seaby 2262Henry VII AR Halfgroat. Profile issue, after December 1508. York mint, mm: cross-crosslet. Archbishop Bainbridge. Crowned bust right / Long cross over arms; two keys below. North 1751/1.
North 1758Perkin Warbeck, pretender to the throne (claiming to be Richard, Duke of York, one of the "Princes in the tower"). Continental mint, possibly Flanders. Coin or medallic jeton, 3.77g. 1494. DOMINE SALVVM FAC REGEM, mintmark lion or leopard, crowned arms of England with crowned lis and rose at sides, within tressure. / MANI TECKEL PHARES 1494 around crown above lis and lion, rose below, all within tressure. North 1758.TextImage
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