(about 500 480 B.C.)

city east of Pella.


Autonomous silver coins.


6292. IΨNAION. Naked man, long hair in braids, wearing Macedonian hat, driving two oxen right. left.

Rev. : Incuse square with four-spoked wheel within. 29 mm.

6293. Soldier bearded, helmeted, trying to stop a horse that galloping left; Θ and dot in the field. Without legend?

Rev. : Wheel with spokes, hub and two dots. 22 mm. Table XLVIII 9.

6294. NΩIAN┼I. (read inverted). The same image right; two dots in the field.

Rev. : The same. 22 mm. Table XLVIII 10.

6295. NOIAN┼I. (read inverted). The same image left but without dots in the field.

Rev. : Four-spoked wheel within incuse square. 22 mm. Table XLVIII 11.